Saturday 28th November 2015

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Summary of Decisions:

The motion (6.1) to standardise terminology was passed.

Motion 6.2.1 (Do not introduce Portable Points) was rejected, but the motion to delay introduction of PP (6.2.2) was passed, so PP will not come in until 2017. The rules and working details are up for discussion  and the final decision will be taken at next year's ACM. Motion 6.2.3 (varying some of the rules) was put on hold.

Motion 6.2 (Remove Paddle Up) was defeated.

The motion (6.4) to change the deadline for priority race entry was carried: host division paddlers now have priority only until the Friday four weeks before the event.

Motion 6.5, to standardise fees, was passed: in Div 2, 3 and 4 all competitors will pay the same entry fee - the old junior fee.

Minutes of Meetings

Minutes of Meetings

Slalom Minutes are published on the Committee Pages of this web site. If you wish to have your own email or hard copy version, please send  your details and you will be added to the list.


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