Aberfeldy Slalom Centre

Breadalbane Canoe Club

Stephen Macdonald

Aberfeldy Slalom Centre, Aberfeldy, Perthshire

Grid Reference NN866497

Nearby postcode PH15 2EB


The slalom course is on the east side of Aberfeldy on the River Tay. Being positioned on a side channel of the main river it is primarily slow moving, flat water, with some soft eddy lines. The course is floodlit to allow for winter morning and evening training. There is a path which leads users down to the site and follows the length of the slalom course.

The site and car parking are accessed from the A827 when approaching from the east by turning right into the car park immediately BEFORE the 40mph speed restriction signs. When approaching from Aberfeldy, turn left as you leave the town, immediately after the derestricted speed limit sign.

Contact: Stephen Macdonald, Talent Pathway Manager
Email: slalom@breadalbanecanoeclub.org.uk

JS Grading - A/B

A: Pool or otherwise completely flat water, without enough current to affect the boat.

B: Slightly moving water, giving some eddy-lines, but not enough to worry paddlers; and with at the most one small drop which paddlers simply have to run down.

Even courses that are usually easy can become dangerous in exceptional high water conditions. If in doubt, seek advice or stay off the water.