Extreme Slalom Selection 14th May 2022 - Additional Information

Athletes are required to both enter and register for the race. The event brief will be published early next week. The event will take place between 16:30 and 21:00.

For those who are competing at selection there will be an opportunity to practice using the extreme slalom gates on the course the evening before the race  (Friday 13th). Athletes will be required to register for their slot of water There will be a nominal booking charge of 1 for the session. Bookings can be made HERE>

● Session 1 18.15 19.15
Please note, the gate configuration on the practice session will not be the same as will be used for the selection race.

Course details
● The race will start on the river right steps in Piccadilly, with the steps acting as a ramp start. Athletes will be required to get out of their boats in the start pool and walk their boats to the start at the steps, where the starter will help align the boats on the steps in the start position.
● The finish line will be by the rapidblocs where the course narrows after the bottom drop.
● A roll beam will be in place for the race.