Junior, U23 and Senior Team Selection Policy

There were a variety of aspects that were raised by contributors with some of the key topics below:

Slalom Cross and Mixed C2 - further information will be sought from ICF and more discussion outside of the policy

Junior Selection 2018 - no consensus so a process now agreed to determine and publication in April 2017

Clarifications - these were really helpful where people fed back on - what if this happens/have you thought of this scenario? - so thanks to those contributors

Lots of ideas on format of races and a diverse view of the numbers who qualify to finals - see policy

Differing feedback on the need for some form of performance standard to select European Champs teams at age range.

Some tweaking of wording following legal input into the policy to ensure clarity and transparency

We are never able to integrate every element of feedback but we have made changes to the policy in light of feedback and believe that we have a clear, objective and transparent policy going forward.

Thank you to everyone that has contributed to the development of the 2017 policy. Best wishes and Merry Christmas.

Junior, U23 and Senior Team Selection Policy>

Andy Maddock
Chair Canoe Slalom International Panel