Late Applications to run Events

As we emerge from lockdown, the Slalom Committee recognises that there is a huge appetite from athletes and organisers to resume racing. Similarly, we are aware that a significant number of events have had to be cancelled between February and June. Given this, for the remainder of the 2020/21 racing season, rules regarding late applications to run races have been relaxed. This means that event organisers are able to submit late applications to run ranking races subject to the following:

Current events have priority over late requests

New requests will be published on the canoe slalom website for 2 weeks before being confirmed by the committee (in order to ensure that all organisers have visibility of new requests). Requests should be sent to the slalom secretary () who will then arrange for them to be published.

Organisers making late requests will be responsible for securing agreement to the race from other event organisers running events that weekend

The Slalom Committee will then confirm if an event has been accepted.

NB: it should be noted that it is likely that there will be ongoing local or national restrictions on camping and sale of food, so event organisers need to factor this into their planning of their event. Given this, for the remainder of this season, organisers are not required to get consent from the slalom committee to increase entry fees to ensure financial viability.