ACM Decisions

6.1 ACM Voting

The motion (one club, one vote) was rejected. The Committee were asked to review and consult on options for amending voting rights.

6.2 Div 1 / 2 Competitions

The motion to allow Div 1 / 2 combined events was rejected.

6.3 Vets Ranking

The motion to combine Vets into one division was accepted.

6.4 Super Final

Both options (qualification from both runs and qualification from the first run only) were accepted - either of the formats can be used.

Prem race organisers have until 13 December to identify which format they are running: Classic, Superfinal 1, Superfinal2 or Championship. The default will be Classic.

6.5 Officials

The motion to scrap limits on the number of officials was accepted.

6.6 Promotion Targets

The motion to increase promotion targets for Div 2 to Div 1 to 2300 and for Div 3 to Div 2 to 1070 was accepted.

6.7 Inquorate Div 4

The motion to promote paddlers at an inquorate Div 4 if their score is better than that of a competitor awarded more than 100 points in Div 3 was accepted.

6.8 C2 Ranking

The motion to combine C2s into one division was accepted. Scratch C2s may enter Div 2 or Div 3 races without registering and can register post-event to get a ranking.

6.9 Entry Deadlines

The motion to reorganise information onto one page was accepted.

6.10 Processing wait lists for oversubscribed races

The motion to establish that when vacancies arise, host division paddlers will be offered places first, then paddle ups was accepted.

6.11 Late Entry Acceptance

Late entries will only be accepted at the discretion of the Organiser and where there is space. A late entry fee is payable unless the competitor has been promoted after the closing deadline. The motion was accepted.

6.12 Event limits

The amendment that the organiser must accept all entries correctly made unless the published limit for the competition has been reached was accepted.

6.13 Entry Fee Refunds

The motion confirms that organisers are under no obligation to refund entry fees except where a competitor is promoted to a higher division or if the race is cancelled (see rule D6). The motion was accepted.

6.14 Removing Double Entry Fees

The motion was to abolish double entry fees. The fee for double races will be twice the entry fee for a single. Fees are adjusted to make the cost effect neutral. The motion was accepted.

6.15 Multi Class Discount

The motion to remove multi-class discounts was accepted but C2s pay half the standard entry fee.

6.16 Division 3 Levies

The motion was to abolish levies on Div 3 entries, whether at Div 3 or at Div 2/3 races. The motion was accepted.

6.17 Rules on practice

The motion to define official training runs as one attempt at the course was accepted.

6.18 Statutes / Regulations update

Minor change this year to reflect federation names. Secretary instructed to review for next year.