Bib Application System


You can now apply for your bib through the new Bib Application System (BAS).

You can use BAS to apply for your own bib, or bibs, and if there are several paddlers in your family you can apply for all their bibs by linking them to your account. You can make any payments required with a credit or debit card.

If you are holding a paper bib voucher, we can accept it in exchange for your new bib. HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR PAPER BIB VOUCHER> (More below)

You will need to have BC / SCA / CW / CANI membership number and expiry date ready to add each paddler.

A gallery of screenshots illustrating the process is HERE>

Bib Numbers

We have allocated bib numbers as normal to all the paddlers who raced during the 2020-2021 season. If you didn't manage to get a race in, you are still ranked in your last year's division, but with an odd-looking bib number in the series starting from 501 or "NB". Simply apply for a bib: we will assign a "proper" bib number and send you that bib. 

Bib Vouchers

If you have a paper voucher you can exchange it for your bib. The app will ask you to confirm you have a bib voucher, and you will need to send that to the bib officer either by post or by email. Follow THIS LINK to find out how.

At the end of this year electronic bib credits will replace bib vouchers.

We will accept bib vouchers issued in 2019, even though technically they are out of date.

If you do not have a voucher because you are a either a new entrant to the ranking system or you did not return your last bib, a charge of 10 will applied.

Receiving your bib

Normally your bib will be posted, and there is a charge of 2.00 to cover postage and stationery costs.

Alternatively, a Bib Officer may be willing to take bibs to a race for you to collect. If so, events where you can pick up your bib will be listed as an option on the application form. State which event you will be attending and the bib will be delivered at no cost to you.