Bib Numbers Falling Off?

If numbers are falling off your bib, you may be able to iron them back on. They are made with a glue that gets sticky when it's hot. But be careful! A hot iron can melt a hole in your bib!

If that doesn't work, possibly the sticky part has got dirty or the number just wasn't a very good one to start with. Send a stamped, addressed envelope with a note of which number or numbers you need (and say whether black or white) to:

Nick Penfold
2 Qualitas
RG12 7QG

Ironing the new numbers on

Lay the bib on a flat surface.

For each number you are replacing:

  • Peel away half of the backing. I usually peel away the bottom half and fold it up behind the top.

  • Carefully place the number on the bib. If there are traces of the old number, try to match the new one to them. While only half the backing is peeled away it's easy to move the number about.

  • When you're happy with the placing, press the peeled part down so that it sticks lightly. Then peel out the rest of the backing and press the whole number down.

  • Seal the number down with a hot-ish iron. Be careful! Too cool, and the numbers won't stick - or not for long, anyway. Too hot and you risk finding an iron-shaped hole in your bib. I have the iron on the hot side, but put a tea towel on the bib and iron through it. Make sure you get the whole of the new number hot.

  • Let it all cool down.

Job done!