Just for fun

A paddler is swept down to Gate 2 before negotiating Gate 1 and turns back, too late to avoid his/her head passing through the gate line.

The paddler goes back to upstream Gate 1 and negotiates it, but in doing so touches the left pole with the tip of the paddle. He/she then does Gate 2 correctly.

What (if any) is the penalty on each gate? Why?

Gate 1: 50 Crossing the Gate 2 gate line "kills" all preceding gates, so a 50 on Gate 1 (which cannot be cleared) has been incurred before the paddler even gets to it. The touch doesn't matter, because 50 is the maximum penalty on a gate.
Gate 2: 0 Coming back through the gate line could have incurred a 50 penalty, but because the paddler's first and last passages through Gate 2 were both in the right direction there is no penalty.