Posting Bibs

A bib can be posted as a “large letter” BUT the envelope must not be bigger than 353mm X 250mm and it must (easily) go through a 25mm slot.

Bibs are tricky. You can fold one to be within this rule, but it’s easy to make it too thick.

Current postage rates are given on the Bib Application Form.

Getting it in at the cheaper rate:

DON’T fold it so that all the rings are in one heap.

DON'T fold it like this:

Fold it like this:

DON’T use a fat, padded envelope

DON’T use a small envelope – the extra fold will make it too thick.

From you to us:

If you put too little postage on, the post office will charge a minimum £1.50. Bib officers will either tell the Post Office to return the bib to you, or they will pay the extra – but they will not send you a bib or voucher until you have paid them back, and they will use your return envelope to tell you what you have to pay.

From us to you:

Bib officers will do their best to fold bibs so that they are “within size” in the envelope you have sent, but if they cannot do so the Post Office will charge you a minimum £1.50 penalty charge.