You can advertise (free) on Slalom UK. Email . Please DON'T put your ad in a Word, Powerpoint, Publisher or whatever file: put the text in an email and, if you have one, attach a picture. DON'T expect me to compose the ad for you, and please put capital letters in the right places. DON'T send me pictures with the boat on the diagonal, and send pictures as attachments, not embedded in an email.


It's not safe to assume that canoeists don't rip each other off. Please make sure you get the money up front. Don't accept a promise or a "deposit" unless you know the buyer personally. Also, be careful of spending a lot of time and/or money going to collect something that might turn out to be junk.

BEWARE OF SCAMS.  Several of our advertisers have met one which goes like this:
Buyer offers your asking price, boat unseen. Asks you to ship it abroad, wants to send a "certified cashier's cheque" for much more than the value of the boat: you will please pass on the balance to somewhere. What happens is that - much longer afterwards than you thought it took for a cheque to clear - the cheque bounces and you are left with no boat and a big hole in your bank account.


It is just about impossible for anyone with a genuine interest in a boat to write an email that doesn't mention it as such. If the enquiry mentions "boat" or whatever it may still be a scam, but if it just refers to "it", "the item", "the advert" or some other generality, it is a scam. Besides, nobody agrees to shell out 500-plus on a second hand boat without at least seeing it.




SLALOM K1 - Galasport or Polaczyk, premium Spec, XS/small in good condition. Able to collect from most areas. Please email (6/9)

SLALOM K1 - cut for 60-70 kilo suitable for div 1. Price range up to 450 depending on condition, able to collect from most areas. Please email (22/8)

LARGE VOLUME SLALOM KAYAK - needed by Reading Canoe Club. Lots of interest in slalom from young and old means the club needs to expand its fleet. Larger volume 80kg+ 3.5m kayak needed. Pay up to 370 for beginner style boat, usual wear and tear OK but must be watertight. Contact Andrew Field (17/7)

SLALOM K1 - I'm 6'2" and about 13 stone (83kg) and looking for a slalom kayak that isn't too expensive to start entering competitions. Biggest hassle is I have pretty long legs with knees that bend normally :-) and lots of boats are just too low at the front of the cockpit to give me any chance of sitting in them. Suggestions please and ideally S England (based in Dorset). Please email Bill Richmond (27/6)



DON'T send me pictures with the boat on the diagonal. I won't publish them.

ORBIT DISTRIBUTION CHILLI - Orbit Distribution Chilli - 800. Fantastic condition, a fast German design and is proving very popular on the continent. Cut for 70-80 kgs but could take a slightly larger paddler if needed. If interested please contact David Bain mon 07870871968 or (18/9)

VAJDA GALAXY K1 - Fiona Pennie Olympic gold slalom boat winner for sale. Well looked after and used once in the last year. Stored under cover at Lea Valley White Water Centre. 620 email or text/call Paul on 07745 573511 (18/9)

VAJDA COPA K1 XS - Bala area. Cut for 50kg, small patch on nose and seat. Watertight and world cup spec with adjustable seat. Used for approx 2 seasons. 550 ono. Any questions email  (11/9)

NELO C1 Staffordshire area. Full carbon construction. Suit paddler upto 65kg. Well used and repairs to tail, hull and deck. Ideal first boat or as spare/training boat. 250 ono. Contact for more details (7/9)

VAJDA KAPSL 35 K1 - Staffordshire Area. Cut for 50 60kg. Repairs to tail, seam and minor repairs on deck. Watertight. Used for approx. 4 seasons. Full carbon construction. 300 ono. Please contact for further details (7/9)

VAJDA NEREUS 4M C1 - Manchester area. Racing spec, suit small/ medium size paddler. Usual scratches and scrapes. Ideal for first own boat or second practice/ spare. Includes neoprene spray deck and neoprene shorty cag deck. 80. Email for more information / arrange demo etc. (21/8)

TIK-TAK - used for one competitive season. No major breaks just usual scratches. 875 ONO based in Lee valley. Any questions email me on (21/8)

JEM RACING VANQUISH C1 - for paddlers up to 85kg, carbon construction, slight damage to tail, otherwise good condition 400.  Based at Nottingham. Email (20/8)

5 C1 PADDLES - length around 148cm, condition from worn to nearly new. 100 each or 400 the lot. Based at Nottingham. Email (20/8)

Job lot Jem Vanquish boat above and paddles 700.

NOMAD NEUTRINO - blue and white, Suitable for paddlers up to 85 kg. Leg braces extended for taller paddler. Crack in the tail from previous owner but still sturdy. Usual knocks on the ends and base with a few longer scrapes. Still water tight. Air bags included. Photographs available on request at 07827833683. Local to Stafford and Stone Canoe Club. 350 ono. (16/8)

VAJDA SUPREMO 2XL C1 - Club spec 450, in Hull. Email or phone 07964 255619 (10/8)

GALASPORT CAIPI - 70 kilo range. Based at Lee Valley. Delivered September 2016. Only used in 3 competitions due to injury over the whole of winter. 9.2kg (removable weights added due to new weight rules for 2017 season) minor scratches, no damage. 995 please call Graham Aylott on 07793 588656 if interested. (2/8)

GALASPORT SONIC - 450ono. Carbolight, former Joe Clarke boat. Great boat, paddled Div 1 and Prem courses no problem. Good condition, clear coat on bottom needs re-doing. Both ends re-taped and blacked to match boat colour by Arrowcraft. Seat and padding can be changed easily. Paddler weight between 70 - 80kg. Phone 07801591019 or email (26/7)

VAJDA MATRIX MAX - club spec. Fitted with wide seat and long footrests. Colour coded patched repairs to underside scrape and nose chip. Tail needs a re-seam. 475 ovno email or call 07746894575 (19/7)

VAJDA KAPSL 2 S - Has one crack underneath and a small crack in the tail. Looking for 500. Phone 07375641914 or email (19/7)

NOMAD FORCE 360 K1 SLALOM KAYAK - 550. Cut for 60kg weight maximum. Black with gold glitter. Minimal use Div 4 (1 weekend), Div 3 (2 weekends) and minimal training. Surface scratches, no repairs and no leaks. Currently paddled by 5ft 1inch, 52kg paddler. Please email for more information or to arrange demo. (15/7)

ARROWCRAFT NEMESIS - Repairs to tail and repairs to other deep scratches as well as usual scratches. Good boat to learn in on flat and white water. 180 or nearest offer. Based in Derbyshire but can get to Stone or HPP. Email (13/7)

GALASPORT TIK-TAK - 950. Carbolight Construction, Cut for 70-80kg. Located at Lee Valley White Water Centre. Contact Bradley Forbes-Cryans or Tel 07867368708 (5/7)

GALASPORT TIK-TAK - 1150. Carbolight Construction, Cut for 70-80kg. Located at Lee Valley White Water Centre. Contact Bradley Forbes-Cryans or Tel 07867368708 (5/7)

Galasport canoes and kayaks available now in the UK ! All boats come complete with fittings seat and footrests. Please get in touch with Austin today for more information and prices.


Brand new custom built to order. Any colour. Carbon/kevlar epoxy competition construction. With variety of deck options. Can be cut to suit weights between 40 and 90 KG.

Buy direct from the manufacturers so you are buying at trade price Contact phone 01922 479335.

From 865.00 inc vat for Epoxy Carbon Kevlar Hull.









SLALOM GATE HEADER NUMBERS 1 to 25 - Printed black/red on yellow plastic, cut 300mm x 300mm x 5mm. All corners rounded at 10mm diameter and drilled for hanging. As per ICF specifications. 1 to 25 set complete with ply box cost 389.25 (inc. P/P) Replacement numbers @ 15.00 each. As used at Olympic Slalom 2012 Lee Valley also at Nottingham, Cardiff, Llandysul, Durham, Scotland. (01/01/2013) Order:



Debs got:

I'd really love to come but there is a snag. Unfortunately I am not around and won't be until next month but I really want to buy the item. seen the picture and it looked absolutely beautiful! I'll take it and I am okay with the price 695 and like to proceed straight with payment by certified cashiers check.
Kindly email the following:
Your Full Name (Name on Check)....
Full Address (Delivery Address).....
Payment will be issued and mailed as soon as you email the requested details. Looking forward to your reply.

Jonathan got:

I'm okay with your price. I am currently away from UK for work. Kindly get back to me with your full name,address,post code and phonenumber for me to mail a Cheque which you can cash immediately.
Furthermore, i have a liable shipping agency that will come over to your home to pick up the Boat. There is an excess fund which will be included in the payment so you can give it to my shippers for the transportation of the Boat to me and my other items in south wales.
I hope to read from you.

Steve got this:

Good Morning,
Glad to hear from you.This sounds good and it's like we can come to an agreement.I'm glad you still have it for sale i want you to keep the ad off market and consider sold to me.I know am asking you to trust me.I am ok with the price 1400,do get back to me with your details needed for payment to be issued out and as well mailed to you asap via Ups or FedEx,i will handle the shipment so do not worry about that OK.
Get back to me with your details as requested below:
Full name...
Residential address...
Cell Phone number...
Home Phone number...
I will await to hear from you in this regard as soon as possible.
Thank You.

Here's another

Date: Sat, 2 Jun 2012 06:48:42 -0700
To: xxxxxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxx

Thanks for your mail...I am willing to know the lowest price of it.due to the nature of my job and location...i will not be able to come for inspection,am a very busy type as i work long hours everyday,i have gone through your advertisement and i am satisfied with it.As for the payment..i will be paying you via the fastest and secure way to pay online(PayPal).I have a private courier agent that will come for the pick up after the payment have been made and cleared to your account, transferring the name of ownership and signing of all paperwork will be done by the courier services company agent so you don't have to worry about no shipping included.You can now send me your PayPal email so i can pay in right away and also include your address in your reply.If you don't have a paypal account, you can easily set up one...log on to and sign up. its very easy.I await your reply asap

By the way - for all we know jjay01 may be an innocent victim of an email account hijacking him/herself.

In response to a wanted ad, Neil got the following illiterate email:

I hope you receive this mail in good condition, I am Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx from UK I saw your Wanted Ad.I decided to e-mail you to see if you still want it as I have it in stock and in mint condition, Get back to me if you are still interested. as I will be shipping next day delivery as soon as your payment is receive and payment is via Western union , please if you can not send payment by western union, please dont bother to write me, as soon as i hear from you, i will email you some pics and my asking price
Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx
My Phone # +xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Gemma got this rubbish:

Greetings from USA, Do you still want the merchandise you posted on the subject title website? i have it for sale and condition is OK,Please are you ready to buy now? many have wasted my time, just want to be sure if you are a serious buyer before sending photos,shipping will be cheap and is 100% guaranteed , let me know if you are still interested and i will email you some photos and more description, where are you located? thanks, hope to hear from you soon

Follow up on either and we don't think you'll get anything for your money. But you're not that stupid, are you?

Beware, also, of ridiculously general "fishing" emails like this (thanks Sam):

I saw your advert regarding your item for sale and am so much interested in it.
So all i needed is your [i.e]pics[if any],condition and your last asking price because i needed a quick purchase.

Chris got another version of same old, same old:

Thanks for the quick response about the product am buying from you, anyway the price [725] is OK by me but i will like you to know that payment will be made by Cheque If this mode of payment is OK by you. Kindly send your information which you will like to receive the payment from the post man, so that i can instruct my secretary to issued it immediately.
I will forwarded your information to the secretary. And she confirm to me that payment will be sent to you as soon as possible. Anyway, I will assume the product has been sold to me. Also i will appreciate it if you can get the advert off the website and don't get contacted by another buyer. Anyway, payment will be sent to your Address soon. Note: The secretary will issue an excess money on the payment which would cover both the payment and shipment alongside with some goods i bought down from other locations. All you need to do, Once you cash the payment, you are to deduct your payment, afterward send the remaining funds to my shipping agent who will be coming down to your location for the pick up....the rest of my funds is meant for the shipment of all my consignment including yours I will send the shipping agent details when the payment delivers. I will entertain any comment or suggestion. And if not okay by you kindly get back to me so as to stop the secretary to stop the payment.
Name to be on Cheque:.....
Address where Cheque will be received by you:.......
Phone Number's such as Mobile,Land line....
Never mind about the pick up, it will be after you must have cleared the payment from your Bank Account.
Await your Quick Response so that i can arrange for the payment immediately.
Thanks and Get back.............Jermaine..
N.B....And the cheque will have to be cleared before the pick up of the item..