When it's a 50

When it's NOT a 50


A touch starts negotiation, and once a paddler "starts negotiation" of a gate, all previous gates are "dead". If any previous gate has not yet been negotiated a 50-second penalty applies - even if the paddler afterwards negotiates it.

Here the boat touches the outside of the right pole of Gate 2 before negotiating Gate 1. Although the paddler goes on to negotiate Gate 1 it is already "dead". It's a 50 on Gate 1, and a 2 on Gate 2 for the touch.


No Buts. This one cannot be undone.

Don't overlook the touch penalty from the first approach to Gate 2!

Here the nose of the boat enters Gate 3 and, in turning away, touches the tip of the pole with the foredeck. It's a 50 on Gate 2, and a 2 on Gate 3 for the touch.

If the front of the boat had passed under the Gate 3 pole without touching, there would be no penalty on either gate.

Cannot be undone.

Here the paddler touches Gate 3. Gate 2 is now "dead", so the outside touch doesn't matter. There is no additional penalty for the touch on Gate 2, or for not negotiating it. But it's a 50 on Gate 2, and a 2 on Gate 3 for the touch.

Cannot be undone.