We get a lot of bib applications without a cheque/voucher and without proof of national association membership. WE CAN'T ISSUE A BIB WITHOUT THEM.

You must have “comprehensive membership”  of one of the national associations. British Canoeing and Canoe Wales call this “On the Water” membership. CANI calls it “Full” or “Youth” and the Scottish Canoe Association calls it “Full” or “Junior U18” membership.

Please complete this form, print it and send it to the Bib Officer for your Class (see addresses below). The form does not "go anywhere" on-line.



This form, completed.
£10 deposit OR a valid £8 bib voucher (cheques payable to British Canoeing Slalom Committee)

A large (C4) strong SAE (not a padded one) with at least £1.53 in postage. One large letter stamp is not enough.

British Canoeing Slalom Committee
Registration and Bib Application
- Promotees to Division 3

Canoeing and Kayaking are "assumed risk" - "water contact sports" that may carry attendant risks. Participants should be aware of and accept these risks, and be responsible for their own action and involvement.

I have read and accept the Risk Statement.
I consent to this data being used for administering canoe slalom as described in the privacy policy below.
I accept the Terms and Conditions below.


Signature of parent/guardian if under 18




BC / CW / SCA / CANI Membership

Students are advised to use their home address if possible.


ONLY IF YOU ARE OVER 34: If you do not wish to be identified as a Master, please select No below.

† If you are under 18 this should be a parent/guardian's email address


K1M (men's kayak) Karen Crowhurst, 6 St Peter Avenue, Deepcar, SHEFFIELD S36 2SL
K1W/C1W (women's
kayak/women's C1)
Donna Hawkins, 146 Dale Road, Matlock Bath MATLOCK DE4 3PS
C1M (men's C1) Nigel Evans, 26 Roseway, Wellington, TELFORD TF1 1JA

Please make sure you put enough postage on your bib application – it may be a “large letter” under Royal Mail rules. If it is, and large letter postage hasn’t been paid, it is likely to be delayed and you will have to repay the penalty fees before you get your bib.


We may use personal data, provided by you, to administer the sport of canoe slalom including but not limited to:

Sharing your data with IT systems that support the sport such as entry, ranking and results systems.

Sharing your data with organisers of the competitions that you enter, with the Slalom Committee and other slalom officials, and with British Canoeing and the Home Nations.

Sending you necessary information regarding competitions that you enter (usually by email via the competition organiser).

Sending you occasional generic information about the sport, in particular, but not limited to, the Year Book.

Publishing appropriate information, including your name, club and age category, on publicly available lists, including but not limited to start lists, results lists and ranking lists.

The data that appears on published lists may be held indefinitely so that historical records of results and rankings can be retained.

The full privacy policy for British Canoeing (the parent body that covers all canoe slalom ranking competitions) is available at

If you have any questions about the continuing privacy of your personal data please contact your ranking officer (details below) or the Chair of the Slalom Committee in the first instance.


In applying for this bib you agree to:

Return the bib at the end of the season in a clean condition.

Abide by the competition rules as published at and in the Slalom Year Book.

Adhere to the Code of Conduct as published in the Slalom Year Book; in particular, to treat slalom competitors, supporters, officials, volunteers and spectators with respect and courtesy.

Keep your National Association Membership up to date. If your membership expires you may be refused a race and any points you get may be cancelled.