Request for Reinstatement / Ranking

Please see the notes below.

Apply to Nick Penfold stating the circumstances. This form will send an email request to him.

Please be aware that you won't be able to get race entries in immediately when you've filled in this form.
There's a human element in this, and the human isn't necessarily sitting waiting for your application. It might be a day or so before you are added to the ranking database.
The new data then has to be copied to the canoeslalomentries database before you can enter a race. That only happens once a day. 


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Division Requested:
Past ranking, experience, coach (or other) recommendation:

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Competitors ranked in any previous season, but who did not compete last year, must apply to the Ranking Status Officer for ranking status before participating (but see note at foot of page).

On applying for ranking, a paddler may state the division preferred, but the Ranking Status Officer has the final say. Where a paddler has been ranked in the same class before, he/she will normally be reinstated into the same division in which he/she was last ranked. A paddler who was last ranked in Premier Division will normally be reinstated in Premier Division, and so on.

Competitors of proven ability may apply for Ranking Status giving suitable supporting evidence. Suitably experienced canoeists not currently in the ranking system may enter an open competition at Division 2 events and may use their result as evidence to support a ranking status application.

Membership of British Canoeing, the SCA, Canoe Wales or CANI is required.

Ranking Status must be taken up in the season in which it is granted.

Novice Paddlers

There will be no automatic promotion to Division 3 this year (2024).

If you are not already ranked in any of the divisions Prem, 1, 2 or 3, you may race in Div 4 repeatedly without having to take promotion, but you may request promotion to Division 3 whenever you choose. Use this form.

Paddling in a new class

Any competitor wishing to compete in another class must compete in the division next below their lowest current ranking. For example, if you are currently ranked in Div 1 in K1M you should race in Div 2 in C1. If it is considered more appropriate for you to compete in a higher division, apply to the Ranking Status Officer (but see note at foot of page).

New C2 pairings

Apply direct to the C2 Bib Officer - you do not need to go through reinstatement. Ranked C2 pairs may enter races at any level.

There is now only one division in C2. Any pair can now get together, as casually as they wish, to race in C2 at Div 2, Div 3 and Div 4 races, but they will only get a ranking if they apply for a bib. No bib, no ranking.

Applying for ranking status takes time. If the event organiser allows you may presume ranking, compete, and apply for ranking and bib - promptly - afterwards, but you will not be credited with ranking points until you have successfully applied for ranking and obtained a bib.