2023 Entry Fees

Individual Event Entry Fees

The entry fee for a "double" is now twice the single entry fee.

If you are "paddling up" you must pay the higher division entry fee.

C2s pay half the standard entry fee.

Division & Category

Standard Fee Late Fee
(when accepted)
Premier and Div 1 22.00 27.50
Division 2 14.30 19.80
Division 3 8.80 10.20
Division 4 6.60 6.60

Open Entry Fees - are at the organiser's discretion.

Late Fee - is payable on entries (if accepted by the Organiser) which are received less than 15 days before the event. In the case of a double event, the late fee shown applies where entries for both events are received late.

Team Event Entry Fees

As there are no admin fees for team events the organiser may charge a fee for team events as they see fit but MUST NOT exceed the following fees

Entry per boat

Premier to Division Three 2.25
Division Four 1.50


You can enter most races online at https://www.canoeslalomentries.co.uk and this is generally the preferred option.

You can get entry cards by sending a stout, stamped, self-addressed envelope 9" x 4" or larger to Les Ford, 27 Kistvaen Gardens, Meltham, HOLMFIRTH HD9 5NQ. He will send you as many entry cards as the postage will cover.