Kayak Cross at Lee Valley - picture Richard Ramsay

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Calendar for 2024

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Alfie Boote at GB Selection
Picture Richard Nutter http://www.rn-photo.com

Lara Elcock at the Graveyard - picture https://www.fferalphotography.com

Callum Walling at HPP - picture Malcolm Cook www.endlessskies.co.uk

Grace Shardlow at HPP - picture Malcolm Cook www.endlessskies.co.uk

Minutes of Committee Meetings

9 Apr   24 Feb   6 Jan
2023   14 Dec   29 Nov
2023 ACM 25 Nov


23 Mar Shepperton Div 1/2 24 Mar Shepperton Div 1/2
  Matlock Div 2   Matlock Div 2
  Aberfeldy Div 3/4   Aberfeldy Div 3/4
13 Apr Holme Pierrepont Prem 14 Apr Holme Pierrepont Prem


Llandysul River Festival 7th 11th August 2024

We are pleased to be running the Llandysul Paddlers River Festival again this year. If you haven't come before, the idea is to have a few fun activities leading up to and during our Division 2,3,4 slalom. MORE>

Canoe Slalom & Kayak Cross International Panel

2024 U23 and Junior Teams>   Junior Selection Results>   U23 Selection Results>

Policies and Selection>

Kayak Cross Teams 2024

After two hotly contested days of racing at Lee Valley, 22 athletes have been named across the Senior, U23 and Junior teams for the 2024 season. Athletes faced off in three rounds of racing on Easter Sunday and Monday, a time-trial before going head to head on the challenging course to earn selection points. MORE>

Canoe and Kayak Combined Prize

A key aim of the England Talent Canoe Slalom programme strategy is to encourage balance of participation across gender and classes.

The England Slalom Talent Programme in conjunction with Peak PS are establishing a new award to encourage and recognise young, developing paddlers who improve their combined ranking in canoe and kayak disciplines within a season. A separate prize for each gender will be on offer for the male and female paddlers aged under 16 who accumulat the greatest combined points total in kayak and canoe over the season. A combined ranking table will appear on the Canoe Slalom UK website throughout the season for paddlers to track their progress.

More detail and rules can be found HERE>

Slalom Progress Awards

Last year Canoe Wales and the England Slalom Talent Programme, in conjunction with the England Slalom Committee, presented the new Slalom Progress Awards. We have updated the Awards for this year. MORE>

Please Volunteer - Your sport needs you!

We are in desperate need of volunteers. Please contact Sally Atkinson or Matt Crowhurst if you are interested in helping out at Canoe Slalom Div 1 and/or Prem events.
It doesn't have to be for the whole day - even an hour can be really helpful. MORE>

Cancelled Races

Marple Div 3/4, September

Tees Barrage Prem/1 October now rearranged for 29th - 30th Jun.

England Slalom Talent Programme Squad

The England Slalom Talent Programme have published their Qualification Criteria for 2024/25. A link can be found HERE>

England Slalom Talent Programme Squad List 2023/24>

CIWW Slalom Access 2024

Canoe Wales invites all slalom paddlers to weekly sessions at Cardiff. These are funded by Canoe Wales, but with the help of non-squad paddlers' contributions we are able to keep offering them to benefit everyone.

During term time we offer 2 sessions a week, Tuesday and Thursday, both at 18:00-19:00 at a cost of 13 per session. If you want to attend these you must be white water confident, always paddle with a buddy and keep a good vibe to the session.

You can join the Spond group with all the sessions HERE. For further information contact Andy Kettlewell, Lead Slalom Coach ()

Training on the Olympic Course at Lee Valley

There will be slalom training sessions on 20 April (12.30pm & 5pm) and 21 April (2pm & 5.30pm).

Slalom sessions are now on the LV website to book. Email to ask them to add the slalom waiver to your account and the sessions will then show on the booking app under Olympic Slalom.

Paddler access to programme water at Lee Valley>

2024 Division 4 Races and Starting in Slalom
A trial for the 2024 season

Having to move straight into the ranking system may deter some paddlers from continuing, by requiring them to purchase national membership or pushing them to a higher level before they feel ready.

Division 4 slaloms remain an important part of our sport, introducing paddlers and giving them water time and race experience, but for 2024 there will no longer be automatic promotion from Div 4 to Div 3. MORE>

If you are not already ranked in any of the divisions Prem, 1, 2 or 3, you may race in Div 4 repeatedly without having to take promotion, but you may request ranking in Division 3 whenever you choose. Use THIS FORM>.

Get Ranked!

Novice Paddler?

New paddlers usually start in Division 4 and compete in Division 4 events until:
They (or their coach) think they are ready to be ranked in Division 3.
They have won 3 quorate Division 4 events (3 or more paddlers starting).

Please encourage paddlers to apply for Division 3 ranking when they are ready and/or when they achieve 3 wins in Division 4.

Whitewater Experience?

You may apply directly for Ranking Status giving suitable supporting evidence of experience and ability.

Paddled in the Past?

Competitors ranked in the past, but who did not compete last year, must apply to the Ranking Status Officer for ranking.

You will normally be reinstated in the division in which you were last ranked. Last ranked in Prem, usually reinstated in Prem, and so on.

Want to Try C1/K1?

A paddler ranked in Division 3 for one class may feel ready to start the other event in Division 3 and apply for ranking rather than start in Division 4.

New C2 pairings

Apply direct to the C2 Bib Officer - you do not need to go through reinstatement. Ranked C2 pairs may enter races at any level.

There is now only one division in C2. Any pair can now get together, as casually as they wish, to race in C2 at Div 2, Div 3 and Div 4 races, but they will only get a ranking if they apply for a bib. No bib, no ranking. 

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