Slalom Bib System

You can use SBS to apply for your own bib/s, and if there are several paddlers in your family you can apply for all your bibs at the same time. Payments are taken using the stripe gateway and can be made by debit/credit card or Google/Apple pay.

It is no longer possible to submit paper bib vouchers.
If you still have a bib voucher please contact the bib officer to have it credited.

If you returned a bib last year, there should be a credit for each one on SBS. If you do not have a credit a charge of 10 (25 for Prem) will apply.

You will need to have the BC / SCA / CW / CANI membership number and expiry date for each paddler whose bibs you wish to apply for.

If the system tries to charge you for a bib when you believe you should have a credit please contact the bib officer.

Don't get stressed or have a rant if things don't work out, just contact the bib officer and the volunteers will resolve things asap. Whilst we do you can still enter competitions and enjoy the racing.

Bib Numbers

We have allocated bib numbers as normal to all the paddlers who raced during the 2022 season. If you applied for your bib but didn't manage to get a race in, you are listed as "NB". Simply apply for a bib and SBS will assign a bib number. 

Receiving your bib

Normally your bib will be posted, and there is a charge of 2.25 to cover postage and stationery costs.

Alternatively, a Bib Officer may be willing to take bibs to a race for you to collect. If so, events where you can pick up your bib will be listed as an option, simply select which event you will be attending and the bib will be delivered at no cost to you.

Please note that Paul Mew is now bib officer for Div 1 K1M, please contact him rather than Nick Penfold.

Apply for a bib