Paddling Up

If you are ranked in Division 1, 2 or 3 you can enter races for the next division up from your own. Take the opportunity to experience bigger water and compare yourself with higher-ranked paddlers!

You can do this for fun, to try a course that your own division won't get to race on, to develop your skills, or to earn points - awarded by comparing your results with the higher-division paddlers.

Get your entry in well before the race. You have to pay the same entry fee as the higher division paddlers, and you are part of the same race with them - same timing, same judges. They will be racing in descending bib order, and you and any other paddle-uppers will go just before them according to your bib numbers.

You must wear your own bib.

Don't forget that you can judge, and get a race in the Officials' event, at the same higher division races and pay no entry fee at all - but if you do you don't get points.

When you can and can't "paddle up"

The "host" divisions for any race (Prems at a Prem race, Div 1s at a Div 1 and so on) have priority over paddle-up entries until four weeks before the race. Until then, the organiser can't confirm that you have a place, however early you get your entry in.
You can't "paddle up" at a combined divisions event, where you are in the lower division.
You can't "paddle up" if you are in Division 4.
You can't "paddle up" if you are not a ranked paddler - but you can use a good result as a judge or a guest to demonstrate your skill and support your application for a place in one of the higher divisions.