2024 Division 4 Races and Starting in Slalom
This change is currently a trial for the 2024 season

It has been felt that requiring paddlers to move straight into the slalom ranking system may be deterring some from continuing, by requiring them to purchase national membership and pushing them to a higher level before they feel ready.

There is no longer automatic promotion at Division 4 slalom races, though the races remain an important part of our sport, introducing paddlers and giving them water time and race experience.

What has changed?

The intention is to give more choice, putting ranking more in the hands of paddlers and those of coaches, clubs and parents.

Individual paddlers who are new to slalom will usually start in Division 4 and compete in Division 4 events until:
• They (or their coach) think they are ready to be ranked in Division 3.
• They have won 3 quorate Division 4 events (3 or more paddlers starting).

Individual paddlers who already have some experience can also ask to be ranked straight into Division 3 - for example if they have completed at several mini slaloms.

To be ranked in Division 3 please complete the Ranking Request form on the website https://www.canoeslalom.co.uk/emails/reranking.htm

Clubs, coaches and organisers are asked to encourage paddlers to apply for Division 3 ranking when they are ready and/or when they achieve 3 wins in Division 4. The onus is on the paddler to apply for ranking status. Bib/ranking officers will monitor results and follow up informing paddlers achieving 3 wins to apply for ranking via the paddler’s club.

Starting Slalom Flowchart

What hasn’t changed?

To race in Division 3 and above, paddlers must apply for ranking status, have Home Nation membership and apply for their bib before racing. Entry routes are as follows:

• Paddlers ranked in previous years must apply for ranking status before racing.
• Ranked paddlers starting in a different event (e.g. ranked in K1 and starting C1) should apply for ranking before racing. However, a paddler ranked in Division 3 may feel they are ready to start the other event in Division 3 and apply for ranking rather than start in Division 4.
• Experienced but previously unranked paddlers can enter a Division 2 competition and claim ranking based on a successful result.
• There is no change to the rules regarding new C2 pairings.

Linked here are these details.  Please print this for display this in your club and at events, so paddlers can see the pathways into slalom>

All paddlers entering a Division 4 race will receive a certificate of their achievement, which will be generated by SimplySlalom for organisers to print before prize giving. It will state where a paddler came within their age bracket. If a paddler does not complete the course, they will receive a certificate saying they participated at the event.

It is at the organisers' discretion if they also want to give prizes for Division 4.

If you have questions about these changes to Division 4 races contact .  Any feedback about how these changes has affected your event or paddlers in your club would be gratefully received. This will help review whether these changes continue beyond this season’s trial. Please email feedback to Karen Crowhurst.