Organisers won't accept your entry, or give it any priority, until they get your card and your cheque. DON'T email them "to book a place", you are wasting their time and your own.

Jack Burrow at the McConkey - picture © Sylvester Phillips

Email your best slalom action photos to .


15 Jul Washburn Div 1      22 Jul Bala Mill Div 2/3/4
  Ironbridge Div 2   23 Jul Bala Mill Div 2/3/4
16 Jul Washburn Div 1      
  Ironbridge Div 2      

All 2017 Results>

World Cups

 15-18 Jun World Cup 1 - Prague
  K1M - K1W - C1M - C1W - C2
22-25 Jun World Cup 2 - Augsburg
  K1M - K1W - C1M - C1W - C2
29 Jun - 2 Jul World Cup 3 - Markkleeberg
  K1M - K1W - C1M - C1W - C2

KIW Div 1 and 2

If you are promoted, email and she will allocate a bib number.

Mallory Takes U23 Worlds C1W Gold

Mallory Franklin has won the U23 C1W gold medal in Bratislava, and Kimberley Woods took the bronze. In the U23 K1M Christopher Bowers and Bradley Forbes-Cryans just missed the podium, taking 4th and 5th places.

Team Gold and Silver

In U23 Teams, the C1W Gold went to Mallory, Kimberley and Eilidh Gibson. Mallory and Kimberley also took the K1W Silver with Gabrielle Ridge, and Sam Ibbotson, Thomas Abbott and William Smith took the C1M Silver.

U23 K1M - K1W - C1M - C1W
U23 teams K1M - K1W - C1M - C1W
Juniors K1M - K1W - C1M - C1W
Junior teams K1M - K1W - C1M - C1W

Junior Welsh Championships

Bala Mill will now hold the J14-J10 Junior Welsh Championships at our Div 2/3/4 race on 23rd/24th September. Sorry for any inconvenience. For all other entries for the 22/23 July race, please enter online at to ensure your entry has been accepted.

Many thanks


Draft Calendar for 2018

Here, for information, is the (far from complete) draft calendar for 2018>

Lee Valley Legacy Div 2/Open 17 September

Free training slots available on Saturday evening, 6.30 - 8.30pm (competitors only). To book please email

New Helmet Design

Protoshape are currently developing a new canoeing helmet and plan to get it fully CE tested and certified. It will be a plastic injection moulded shell with foam inside, just like many others currently on the market. The plan is to take inspiration from some of the helmets from the past and create a new design which is practical, well fitting and reasonably priced. The helmet is likely to retail around £45.

We would really appreciate feedback from paddlers on what they are looking for and what their preferences are. Drain holes or no drain holes? Ears out or ears in ? Please let us have your views so we can develop a suitable helmet together.

The photo at right is of our current design idea which we have 3d printed.

The "pre-touch" rule

If a paddler negotiates - or just touches - Gate 2 before tackling Gate 1, Gate 1 is "killed", and a 50 is incurred. Here the boat touches the outside of the right pole of Gate 2 before negotiating Gate 1. Although the paddler goes on to negotiate Gate 1 it is already "dead".

Don't forget that, if there was a touch on Gate 2, that's a (touch) penalty too. 

Gate Penalty Reason
1 50 pre-touch on Gate 2
2 2 boat, outside touch left pole

A guide for paddlers and judges>

Influence the membership review at British Canoeing

British Canoeing is going on the road this summer to present an update on the recent membership review and to discuss proposals around changes to the membership programme. Attracting new members and improving member engagement and satisfaction is one of our key ambitions.

Ahead of the Roadshow British Canoeing and Two Circles have provided headline information for members on the findings of the review, including:

   Current membership demography - who is currently a member
   Why do people have membership – including quotes from members
   Feedback from research – membership survey and focus groups
   Membership proposals - what would we like to do

The roadshow events will run through these areas in more detail and will provide an opportunity for members to ask questions about the proposals and provide feedback.

To view the membership review slides and sign up for one of the roadshow events please follow THIS LINK>.

British Canoeing - Canoe Slalom

International Panel Statement – 8th June 2017: 2018 Selection Series Information

The International Panel has been considering the options for 2018 selection across Junior, U23 and Senior Teams and this statement confirms the 2018 selection venues.

Warning - boat weights

From the start of this year the minimum weight for boats is 9 Kg (K1s and C1s) and 15 Kg for C2s. Boat weighing is now common at Prem and Div 1 races, and some paddlers have been disqualified because their boats were underweight.

Boats absorb some moisture. You may not realise it but, unless your boat has been stored in a very dry place, it can lose anything up to 300 grams just by being left in the sun. Get your boat weighed really dry and make sure it's then up to the 9 Kg mark (or 15 Kg for a C2).

And by the way - fix the weight in properly. Gaffer tape, jamming it under the seat or whatever will all let you down.

What to do if you get promoted

When you start racing in your new division, points will not be credited to you until you apply for a bib.

Send to the Bib Officer for your new division:

Your old bib (you are swapping your old bib for your new one. You don't need to send a cheque or a bib voucher)

A note requesting promotion. List your qualifying points and where you got them

A large, strong SAE with at least £1.22 postage on it - please use a C4 envelope.

A copy of the bib application form, filled in

And PLEASE make sure you put enough postage on!

You will only get your promotion certificate after you apply for your bib, so don't wait for it!

England Slalom Programme Inclusion Criteria - Winter 2017-2018

Available via this link on the British Canoeing website under the Talent Slalom tab.

 Entering On-line at

Did You Know? You can see all your online entries by logging in to and clicking “My Entries” in the menu bar (top right).

The following races are open for on-line entry:

5/6 Aug Llandysul Div 2/3/4, 19/20 Aug Tully Div 2, 26/27 Aug Tully Div 1, 2/3 Sep HPP Prem and Div 1, 16/17 Sep LVWWC British Open & Prem, 30 Sep/1 Oct Graveyard Prem, 7/8 Oct Llandysul Div 1, Pan Celtic, Vet and Junior Champs, 14/15 Oct Symonds Yat Div 2/3, 21/22 Oct Shepperton Div 2/3, 28/29 Oct HPP Div 1/2


Senior, U23 & Junior Team 2017

2017 Great Britain Senior, U23 and Junior Teams

Minutes of Committee Meetings

2017   2016
20 May
17 Mar
22 Jan
     27 Nov
ACM 26 Nov
29 Oct
9 Jul
23 Apr



Slalom Posters

We are happy to publish a miniature on this page, linked to your bigger poster. The miniature will be small. Keep pictures and text big and bold!


Get Reinstated

Used to paddle slalom? Reckon you could still kick .....? Why not get reinstated and race again? Or you'd like to have a shot at another class, or you're just a good paddler who's never got into slalom, here's a form to make applying for reinstatement/ranking easy.

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