Oliver Lorenz at HPP - picture © David Mangan MORE>


Email your best slalom action photos to .

Organisers won't accept your entry until they get your card and your cheque or your on-line entry where available. DON'T email them "to book a place", you are wasting their time and your own.

Draft Calendar for 2019

The draft Slalom Calendar for 2019 is HERE>. It will be updated frequently as events are added.

2018 C2 World Championships - Falu Vildvattenpark, Sweden

We are determined to give C2 a great future. We will arrange World Championships 2018 in Sweden, in Falun Whitewater Park 13-14th of October for C2 men, C2 women and mixed C2. MORE>


Slalom Posters

We are happy to publish a miniature on this page, linked to your bigger poster. The miniature will be small. Keep pictures and text big and bold!


England Slalom Talent Programme

Following the Performance review which took place on 9th April here is the updated England Slalom Talent Programme Squad list.


When it's a 50, and when it's not

Wrong Way - "Half Head" - "Split Gate" - "No Boat" - Capsized in Gate - Pretouch - Prenegotiation - Repeating a Gate



Canoe England Slalom Team 2018

THIS TEAM has been selected to represent England in Canoe Slalom in the 2018 Pan Celtic Cup Events.

Get Reinstated

Used to paddle slalom? Reckon you could still kick .....? Why not get reinstated and race again? Or you'd like to have a shot at another class, or you're just a good paddler who's never got into slalom? Here's a form to make applying for reinstatement/ranking easy.

Minutes of Committee Meetings

9 Jun     21 Apr     27 Jan
26 Nov
30 Jul
    ACM 25 Nov
20 May
  28 Oct


21-24 Jun World Cup 1 - Liptovsky Mikulas
  K1W - K1M - C1W - C1M - C2MX
29 Jun-1 Jul World Cup 2 - Krakow
  K1W - K1M - C1W - C1M - C2MX
5-8 Jul World Cup 3 - Augsburg
  K1W - K1M - C1W - C1M - C2MX


7 Jul Holme Pierrepont Div 1      14 Jul Howsham Weir Div 2/3/4
8 Jul Holme Pierrepont Div 2 / Pan Celtic     Bala Mill Div 2/3/4
  Hinckley Wharf Div 4/O   15 Jul Howsham Weir Div 2/3/4
        Bala Mill Div 2/3/4



Yorkshire Water are not able to provide water releases for the Div 1 race this weekend. Obviously with no release we are going to have to cancel the race.

I'm afraid we have to accept there has been virtually no rain for 2+ months and hot weather is creating increased demand for water. In such circumstances a release is going to be unlikely.

I know this is disappointing and frustrating, but this is the first time I've known us cancel a Slalom due to dry weather (last year's was because of too much water in the lower reservoirs).


Hatfield Div 4/Open 1/2 September may relocate to Manvers

It is likely that Hatfield Outdoor Centre will not be able to host our Slalom. If that happens we will run it instead at Manvers CC, Wath-upon-Dearne. Please watch this space for a further announcement.


2018/19 TASS Funding Opportunity

The England Talent Programme has been awarded 20 TASS places for 2018-19. This is a combined total for Olympic disciplines across Slalom and Sprint. Full inclusion detail is contained within the TASS nomination policy found HERE>


Any athlete wishing to be considered for TASS for 2018-19 is invited to register their interest by completing the TASS application form found HERE> by 4:00pm on 10th August 2018.

The TASS nomination policy and application form can be found on the England Talent Programme website.

Daniel Thompson
Talent Programme Administration Officer

How to Wreck Your Sport

Clubs depend on making a little profit, or at least breaking even, on the races they run. If they can't, they won't run the event again next year.

The organiser of the Howsham Weir received the following email from their loo hire company:

...upon collection our men had the unenviable task of hand removing several items from the tank before they could empty the standard waste.
It clearly states on the toilet lid that nothing but toilet waste should go into the tank.
Items like those found in this particular unit can cause severe damage to the pump trucks and halt operations.

Kingston and Lower Wharfe have had to pay an additonal £60 for this. That'll mean they make a loss on the event. Please don't do this sort of thing!

The England C2 team at the HPP Pan Celtic - picture © Leonie Merrifield

Small Ads Scams

We are happy to publish small ads, but unfortunately you are likely to attract scammers, so be wary. We hide your email address in Javascript, which stops spammers from sweeping it up, but we can't stop scammers who are doing it manually.

Scams around small ads characteristically feature dodgy English, not-quite-English terms like "cell phone", vague references to the item for sale - "the ad" etc, where you'd expect (say) "the boat", requests for information that was in the ad already, requests for unnecessary personal information and peculiar methods of payment that involve passing some of the money on. For the sake of your finances, don't get involved. MORE>

Gold for Joe Clarke and David Florence at Krakow

Great Britain’s Rio Olympic gold medallist, Joseph Clarke, had his best race since the Games to win the men’s K1, finishing more than one second ahead of his closest opponent. MORE>

Great Britain’s three-time Olympic silver medallist David Florence celebrated a long overdue return to the top of the podium in the men’s C1. MORE>

All Race Organisers: SimplySlalom

Dave Spencer is taking on support of Simply Slalom and he has set up a new contact email – .

There are some bugs in the last release that Ken issued, but Dave doesn't know who has that version. Please contact him for the latest release.

Cancelling or Changing a Race Entry?

If you want to cancel or change an entry, email the race organiser, NOT the managers of canoeslalomentries. Only the organiser can change an entry or cancel it and authorise a refund.

And do, at the very least, tell them the paddler's name!

About C2

Any pair can now get together, as casually as they wish, to race in C2 at Div 2, Div 3 and Div 4 races. But (whether you are already listed in the Yearbook or not) you will only get a ranking if you apply for a bib. No bib, no ranking.

Once you have a bib you can also enter Prem and Div 1 races.

International Panel

Senior GB Teams for 2018>

Draft 2019 Junior, U23 & Senior Slalom Selection Policy and Draft 2020 Olympic Selection Policy

GB Teams for 2018 International Races>  Athletes selected 2018>

Access to British Canoeing Sessions at Lee Valley

For individuals or Home Nation groups interested in accessing British Canoeing sessions at Lee Valley, please see THIS DOCUMENT>

NEW Home Nation passes to allow flexibility between athletes. If anyone has any queries please contact

What to do if you get promoted

If you have just been promoted from Div 4, everything you need to know is HERE>

If you have been promoted to Prem, Division 1 or Division 2

A bib number in your new division will be issued automatically, and you can use the online entry system at once for races that offer it.

Send to the Bib Officer for your new division:

Your old bib (You don't need to send a cheque or a bib voucher)
A note requesting promotion. List your qualifying points and where you got them
A large, strong SAE with at least £1.26 postage on it - please use a C4 envelope
A copy of the bib application form, filled in

And PLEASE make sure you put enough postage on!

You will only get your promotion certificate after you apply for your bib, so don't wait for it!

Points in your new division will not be credited until you apply for a bib.


Applying for a Bib?

If you are applying for a bib - and especially the first time - you MUST send:


• Your current national association card or a photocopy. You must have “comprehensive membership”. British Canoeing and Canoe Wales call this “On the Water” membership. CANI calls it “Full” or “Youth” membership and the Scottish Canoe Association calls it “Full” or “Junior U18” membership.

• £9 deposit OR a valid £8 bib voucher (cheques payable to British Canoeing Slalom Committee)

• A large (C4) strong SAE with at least £1.26 in postage. One large letter stamp is not enough.

And you must send them to the right bib officer!




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