Prem and Div 1 only: you can download, fill in, print, sign and post this entry card with your fee instead of the blue card.

Organisers won't accept your entry, or give it any priority, until they get your card and your cheque. DON'T email them "to book a place", you are wasting their time and your own.

Ryan Westley and Zach Franklin at GB Selection - picture © Peter Milsom

Photo Time!

This page isn't just for star paddlers. Email your best slalom action photo from 2015 to . J10s in Div 3, Vets, it doesn't matter! We'll publish the best.

Shepperton Div 1/2 5th/6th March

You can enter and pay on line at You can also see which entries have been received (and accepted). A small enhanced online entry fee is to cover transaction costs.

Dee Lindesay

Lost Cag Deck - Llandysul, November

A cag deck, bright royal blue, was lost at a support weekend for Div 2/3 paddlers in Llandysul last November 14/15th. If you accidentally picked it up, or know where it is, please email


17 Jan Stone Mini Slalom 1
31 Jan Stone Mini Slalom 2
  Stone Minis Ranking

British Open/Prem 16-17 September

The enhanced entry fee for the race will be £40. The race will be run to a Championship format for both the Prem and the British Open with progression as follows:

Heat 1 - Semi Final: K1M 30 boats, K1W 20 boats, C1M 20 boats, C1W 15 boats, C2 15 boats

Heat 2 - Semi Final: K1M 10 boats, K1W 10 boats, C1M 10 boats, C1W 5 boats, C2 5 boats

Final: K1M 10 boats, K1W 10 boats, C1M 10 boats, C1W 10 boats, C2 10 boats

If you have already sent an entry I will contact you to sort out any adjustments to payments. Please don't ask me to confirm individual entries as this adds to the workload. I will publish entry lists regularly. If you see any anomalies please contact me.

Dave Spencer

International Races 2016

ECA Junior Cup Races will be reserved for Home Nation U16 Development. If places remain, individual paddlers’ entries will be submitted in the date order that they were received.

Level 3 & 4 Internationals priority goes to GB teams, and then to organised Podium Programme, Home Nation Programme, regional or club groups (in that order), then to individual competitors. Where no other criteria apply, places will be allocated by finishing positions at that year’s British Team Selection race series, Senior or Junior as appropriate.

The International Entries Officer () will publicise remaining places, with a closing date for applications to reach him, and will allocate places according to the criteria.

Applying for Your New Bib

Make sure you put enough postage on your bib application and send it to the right person. It may be a “large letter” under Royal Mail rules. If it is, and large letter postage hasn’t been paid, it is likely to be delayed and you will have to repay the penalty fees before you get your bib. The addresses are on the bib application form. Include a bib application form and don't forget your national association card or a photocopy, a bib voucher or £9 deposit (cheques payable to British Canoeing Slalom Committee) and a large, strong SAE with postage for 150g (£1.26 1st class or £1.19 2nd class).

Bib Numbers for 2016: K1W>   K1M>   C1W>   C1M>   C2>   Vets>

C1M: Carole McGranachan will be at the Stone mini slaloms and can give out C1 Men's bibs there. Anyone wishing to collect at a mini please  or get in touch via facebook private message. She will need your bib application form, bib voucher and a copy of your BC card.

K1M Prem: Tracy will take bibs to Tully if you get the paperwork to her before then.

Race Organisers

Event Safety - Important

Please could all clubs and race organisers note that:

1. Every ranking race must have a nominated Event Safety Officer who has completed the British Canoeing Event Safety Management training and will be present throughout the event.

2. A Risk Management Plan or Event Safety Plan MUST be forwarded to the Slalom Committee Safety Officer () in good time for approval for ALL EVENTS before they can proceed, and next year (2017 season) before they can be included in the calendar.

3. There is no fixed format for this documentation and it should be updated dynamically to deal with the issues identified for the event. If sites require a particular format it should be followed and will usually be entirely acceptable.

4. A final copy must be provided to the Jury Chair before the race commences, as in the 2015 season.

5. Plans should consider safety of paddlers (including rescue), spectators (including trip hazards and access), volunteers, welfare of minors, financial viability, catering, traffic and vehicle movements, campsite provision, cancellation and weather, as well as any other identified issues.

Failure to comply will unfortunately lead to removal of the race from the calendar in 2016.

Peter Curry

Saturday 28th November 2015


Judging Guide

A reference guide for the more experienced and help for newcomers to judging canoe slalom, whether they are taking the exam or not.


Winter Squads

England Performance and National Talent Squads>

Super Regional Talent Squads>

Regional Talent Academies>

Senior Selection

International Panel Statement – 27th October 2015>

Junior & U23 Selection


The registration process is now open - follow this link>. It will close in mid February.

Get Reinstated

Used to paddle slalom? Reckon you could still kick .....? Why not get reinstated and race again? Or you'd like to have a shot at another class, or you're just a good paddler who's never got into slalom, here's a form to make applying for reinstatement/ranking easy.

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Slalom Posters

We are happy to publish a miniature on this page, linked to your bigger poster. The miniature will be small. Keep pictures and text big and bold!