Abel Blythe at Chapel Falls - picture © Barry Palmer

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Calendar for 2022

Rachel Ellis at Lee Valley - photo © Richard Nutter

Huw Swetnam at Senior Selection, Lee Valley
picture © Malcolm Cook www.endlessskies.co.uk

Ben Haylett at Senior Selection, Lee Valley
picture © Kim Jones

Bethan Forrow at Senior Selection, Lee Valley
picture © Kim Jones

Angus Gibson at Tully - picture © Gillian Denvir

Joely Walling at GB Selection - picture © Richard Nutter

Club Details for Online Yearbook

We plan to move the Yearbook online, and we will not be issuing a physical Yearbook this year.

In order not to inadvertently publish anyone's personal details, we will only publish details from clubs that have given specific permission and information. If you want your club listed in the online directory, please complete this form>

Minutes of Committee Meetings

18 May   02 Mar   19 Jan
Committee Terms of Reference


World Championships - Augsburg 26th-31st July

Individuals K1M K1W C1M  C1W
Extreme K1M K1W    

30 Jul Persley Div 2/3 31 Jul Persley Div 2/3
6 Aug Llandysul Div 2/3 7 Aug Llandysul Div 2/3
  Pinkston Div 2/3   Pinkston Div 2/3
  Llandysul Lake Div 4   Llandysul Lake Div 4


Temporary CSL Coach Wanted

The Chinese Taipei team need a CSL temporary coach from 21 Aug to 18 Sept 2022 for the Lee Valley CSL Ranking Race. If you are interested please contact Liao Hsueh Fu via

K1W and C1W Prem and Div 1 Bibs

Sally is going to be away from 22nd July for four weeks, and Kate Kent is going to hold the fort for her. Please  about any bib problems.

Stafford & Stone CC: Coaching Positions

Stafford & Stone Canoe Club are looking for a Canoeing Coach or Paddlesport Instructor to work with our beginners groups, and a Slalom Coach to work with junior paddlers. MORE>

Bookings for Grandtully Campsite - August Events

These dates are not available to the public. Those without special links below will see that a lot of August is unavailable.

If you use these links you can see what pitches are available and book. MORE>

Washburn Div 2 (17/18 September) CANCELLED

Thruscross Reservoir, which provides the water for the race, is so low that the submerged village in the valley has re-emerged, and Yorkshire Water is warning that its reservoirs are at the same levels as in the 1995 drought - and that was before the heatwave. Clearly it needs an awful lot of persistent rain to refill the reservoirs to a level that would allow a water release, and the current long-term forecast is not indicating wet weather.

While it is possible that there will be enough rain in the next 8 weeks to enable a release, we also do not have an update on the faulty valve being repaired to allow a full Washburn release. We think it best to call it off race now so people can make other plans for the weekend.

Les Ford

Hatfield Div 4/Open 8/9 October

The dates of the Hatfield Div 4/O have been changed to 8/9 October.

Tees Barrage Prem/1 and J16 & Vets Championships October 15/16

Due to the cost of hiring the facility, this event has an enhanced fee of £36 per entry. The cost of the venue has increased 50% this year due to energy costs, which has to be reflected in the entry fee. Additionally, reduced numbers at races this year means the cost increase is shared between fewer paddlers.

British J16 & Vets Championships

We are hosting this alongside Sunday’s Div 1 race. The entry fee is the same as for the Div 1 race. All eligible Div 1 and Div 2 paddle up entries will be included in the championship event. Those from other divisions (eg Prem paddlers) should use the relevant ‘championships‘ class to enter.

Matlock is Back!

After three challenging years of floods, Covid and now theft, Matlock Slalom will be back! Div 2, 1st - 2nd October.

Kit Stolen from Matlock CC

Ten plastic boats and all our paddles were stolen today from Matlock Canoe Club. 2 blue Dynamos, 4 blue Masters, 2 RPMS (1 orange , 1 blue /green) and two others,  one yellow, one orange. Please can the canoe community keep their eye on eBay.

(At least they weren't classy enough to take the slalom boats!)


Extreme & Canoe Slalom International Panel

International Panel Statement – 1st August 2022

Congratulations to all selected team athletes on international performances in the 2022 season so far. In particular, congratulations to our Junior & U23 World medallists Jonny Dickson, Nikita Setchell, Etienne Chappell and Sam Leaver, and our senior world medallists Mallory Franklin, Kimberley Woods and Joe Clarke.

The Canoe Slalom World Championships in Augsburg, Germany was the final opportunity to achieve criteria for retaining places in the team for World Cups 4 & 5. The following have achieved the published criteria: MORE>

Selection to 2023 GBR Teams

The Olympic Qualification System (OQS) for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games has now been published by the ICF. The IP have been working on a framework for the Olympic selection policy for several months now, within the published 2022 selection policy committed to confirming any opportunities for pre-selection to 2023 teams by 1st June 2022. MORE>

GB Teams 2022>

GB Senior, U23 and Junior Teams 2022>

Selection Results Matrix>

2022 Canoe Slalom & Extreme Slalom Selection Policy>

World Class Programme Qualification Policy>


Just for fun (5)


A paddler breaks out to negotiate upstream gate 2. As his/her head is between the poles, a sudden eddy pushes the boat backward.

The paddler recovers and completes the negotiation.

What (if any) is the penalty on gate 2? Why?


Public Slalom sessions on the Olympic at Lee Valley

Lee Valley have scheduled public slalom-only sessions on the Olympic for every Sunday afternoon until the end of August at 1pm, at £15 for the hour. The session before should finish at 12:30, so we will have time to put out gates, but bear in mind there are no coaches, so it’ll be down to those paddling to set a course and help pull gates in afterwards. Bank safety will be provided by the Centre.

If there are any barriers to people booking on to them (number of sessions, timing etc) I’m happy to collate those and feed-back to the centre. Just drop me an e-mail at

Paul Mew


...having done the first of the Sunday afternoon Olympic public slalom sessions.

Firstly, they will run the sessions even if there is only one person booked on. The water is on anyway (it's an empty slot and only an hour gap so they don't want to turn it off and back on again) and because of that the bank safety staff have to be there as well. Any money they can get from that hour is a bonus for them.

Secondly, the previous session is rafting. They are happy for us to put gates out (BA and helmet on) when the last raft has left the start pool (following it down putting them out) which should be, at the latest, 12:50. That gives ten minutes to set a course, which should be fine if everyone mucks in (remember, no coaches unless you have your own). However please be considerate of the playboaters who might still be on the water during those last 10 mins. Put any gates out that will get in the way of their surfing last.

Finally, at the moment their booking website is down, but you can turn up on the day and pay in the meantime. You do need to have your Olympic assessment.

C1 Class Development

A key aim of the England Talent Canoe Slalom Programme strategy is to work towards a balance across gender and classes.

We are keen to help and support the development of the Canoe class. Please complete this survey to help us understand the challenges your club is faced with and what help could make a positive impact.

Daniel Thompson
Talent Operations Coordinator

Bib Numbers Falling Off?

If numbers are falling off your bib, you may be able to iron them back on. They are made with a glue that gets sticky when it's hot. But be careful! A hot iron can melt a hole in your bib! MORE>

Get Your Bib!

If you didn't race last year you still have a place in your old division but no bib number has been assigned yet. It will be allocated when you apply for your bib. Apply for yours now>

Get your application in well before you plan to race!

If You Are Promoted

You will need to apply for your new bib on the Bib Application System (BAS). When applying for your bib, ensure that you return your old bib and apply for your new bib in the same application/basket. This ensures that you will be charged the correct amount (the admin fee) and that you get the right address to return your old bib.

Get Reinstated or Ranked

Used to paddle slalom? Reckon you could still kick .....? Why not get reinstated and race again? Or you'd like to have a shot at another class, or you're just a good paddler who's never got into slalom? APPLICATION FORM>

...or have a crack at C2!

Any pair of ranked paddlers can get together and race at Div 2, Div 3 and Div 4 events, but if you want to do C2 at Prem and Div 1 races you must apply for a C2 ranking.

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