John with the England PCC Team - picture from Ewan Vernon

John Sturgess

(Updated 13/1)

Dave Rawding writes: Unfortunately John Sturgess passed away at home on the 8th January 2021 after a short illness. Whilst he had recently been poorly, this was a huge shock, this was not COVID related.
John had spent Christmas with my family and was looking forward to the race season. We had spoken only the day before his passing, and he was in good spirits.

John dedicated his entire life to helping others improve themselves. For 45 + years he was a fixture at slalom races throughout the UK and abroad. He has helped thousands of athletes from around the world, from grassroots to elite athletes, improve their performance. The role John played in the early slalom career of paddlers who went on to win Olympic and World medals is phenomenal. Whilst others may have gone on to hone these elite athletes, Johnís enthusiasm and support when they were younger meant a huge amount to them and their grateful parents. He led numerous trips to the Alps for races and to experience bigger volume water. Knowing some of the paddlers on these trips, how they didnít lead to an international diplomatic incidents is simply amazing!

John was unique in that he didnít Ďcherry pickí those he thought had a bright future. He was happy to coach everybody equally, irrespective of how they may translate his sage advice into a disastrous slalom run. Un-fazed by this temporary mismatch between his detailed instruction and athlete delivery, John enthusiastically told his subject to put that behind them and prepare for the next run.



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Nottingham University Presentations

Nottingham Trent and the University of Nottingham have recently approached the England Talent Programme offering to run sessions to outline the opportunities available at their institutions. Representatives from each university will be able to talk you through their offer and session attendees will be able to ask any questions.

These sessions would be suitable for any athletes and/or parents/carers interested in attending the university or who simply wish to find out more.

To sign up please follow one of the links below:

Nottingham Trent University (26th January 7pm-8pm)

University of Nottingham (28th January 7pm-8pm)

Daniel Thompson
Talent Operations Coordinator

Stafford & Stone Mini Slaloms 2021

17th Jan, 31st Jan and 14th Feb

Given that Stone has now been placed in tier 4, the mini slaloms will not be able to take place in their usual form. We will review what, if any, pre season events might be possible and who can attend them as and when the tier arrangements change.
Rob Holdway

Louise Fernie training at HPP - picture © Kim Jones.
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Bethan Forrow training at Lee Valley - picture © Kim Jones.
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Finn McLean training at Lee Valley - picture © Gillian Denvir

Sophie Ogilvie training at Lee Valley - picture © Kim Jones.
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Martyn Setchell training at HPP - picture © Kim Jones.
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Cody Brown training at HPP - picture © Kim Jones.
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C1 Development

Have a look at Dan Goddard's C1 Canoe Slalom Technique Website>

Get Reinstated or Ranked

Used to paddle slalom? Reckon you could still kick .....? Why not get reinstated and race again? Or you'd like to have a shot at another class, or you're just a good paddler who's never got into slalom? Here's a form to make applying for reinstatement/ranking easy.

Minutes of Committee Meetings

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Racing In February and March Cancelled

Ranking Races
The slalom committee last night made the decision that all ranking races in February and March will be cancelled. The position regarding races beyond this will be kept under review. The current view is that national ranking races will only resume when all of the mainland home nations are out of lockdown. An update will be provided in February following the committee meeting on 9 February.

The Slalom International Panel will consider the situation both domestically and internationally in the context of information from ICF and ECA and will publish an update on selection by the end of January.

8 January 2021

Selection Policy for 2021

2021 Junior, U23 & Senior Team Selection Policy>

International Panel Statement>

Paddlers need to register for selection HERE>

2021-2025 Slalom Talent Strategy and Talent Club Partnership - Feedback

We are grateful to all those that took the time to feed in and respond to the Slalom Talent Strategy, a summary of the feedback is captured here. Further consideration will be given to the comments and insight shared and the final Slalom Talent Strategy will be shared early in the New Year.

Daniel Thompson
Talent Operations Coordinator

Thomas Meyer training at Lee Valley - picture © Kim Jones. More on Instagram @kim_jones_photography

Lee Valley Public Slalom Training Access

LVWWC and British Canoeing are excited to announce a collaboration to create opportunities to paddle public slalom sessions at Lee Valley. Please follow THIS LINK for more information and ways to book.

Podium Potential Coordinator

Draft Calendar for 2021

Here is the DRAFT CALENDAR FOR 2021>. DON'T make bookings, etc, on the strength of it - everything can change, as we found out this year!

The online draft calendar is HERE and it might be more up to date.

Racing Season to Extend Over Two Years

The committee has decided to have a combined 2020/2021 racing season. No further ranking races will be held in 2020, but this will allow paddlers to carry over points earned in the early part of this year and we expect a full programme of races in 2021. MORE>

About Bibs...

Paddlers will (with the exception of the handful who were promoted) have the same bibs for 2021 as for 2020. PLEASE DO NOT RETURN YOUR BIB - there is no point, since you would just get the same bib back again next year. We will need a "bib application" for next year.

Training at Tully

Please use this timetable to help you plan your training at Grandtully. This isn't intended to set limits, rather to help you plan training to make it easier to maintain physical distancing whilst training and also maximise the quality of training. Whilst people are travelling less internationally or Nationally, we anticipate that Grandtully will be quite busy at the weekends.

Jon Schofield

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Covid Safety Guidelines for Paddling



Tokyo Olympics

The Olympics will be held from July 23 to August 8 2021.

Our selected athletes are:

Mallory Franklin: Womenís C1
Kimberley Woods: Womenís K1
Adam Burgess: Menís C1
Bradley Forbes-Cryans: Menís K1

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