Lili Bryant at HPP - picture David Mangam MORE>


Email your best slalom action photos to .

Organisers won't accept your entry until they get your card and your cheque or your on-line entry where available. DON'T email them "to book a place", you are wasting their time and your own.


Slalom Posters

We are happy to publish a miniature on this page, linked to your bigger poster. The miniature will be small. Keep pictures and text big and bold!


Ken Trollope

Sadly, Ken Trollope has died.

The whole slalom community owes a massive debt to Ken - as parent, club organiser and coach, judge, committee secretary, yearbook compiler and a whole lot of other things, as well as creator of the SimplySlalom software that most race organisers now depend on. He was one of those people you can't replace.

Ken's funeral will be held on 8th June at 10.45 at Salisbury Crematorium, 1 Barrington Rd, Salisbury SP1 3JB. No flowers please, but we will be collecting for the RNLI.

Tim and Amanda would like to thank everyone for the lovely messages about him.



12 May HPP McConkey Prem - Qual      19 May Wagon Lane Div 3/4
  HPP McConkey Prem - Final   20 May Wagon Lane Div 3/4
  Kingsland Basin Div 4     Winchester Div 4/O
13 May HPP McConkey Div 1      
  Frome Market Yard Div 4      
  Manvers Waterfront Div 4      


Chloe Holmes (7) at Wagon Lane - picture Steve Holmes

Slalom Committee Regulations

The Slalom Committee is reviewing the Slalom Committee Regulations - not the most exciting of topics, we know! As part of this they are looking at the voting at Consultative Meetings. If you have five minutes to help and affect the democracy in slalom please follow THIS LINK>

Paul McConkey 2018 - video Peter Hatter

International Panel

The Draft 2019 Junior, U23 & Senior Slalom Selection Policy and the Draft 2020 Olympic Selection Policy is now open for consultation.

We encourage positive feedback on what people like or dislike about the proposed policy, as well as suggestions on other ways of doing this. Feedback can be provided through this link up to Midday Monday 21st May 2018.

The International Panel welcome all ideas and feedback and wish to draw people's attention in particular to the fact that this is the opportunity to influence the Olympic Selection policy as it is proposed to take place in 2019 so the time to input is NOW.

Andy Maddock, Chair Canoe Slalom IP

GB Teams for 2018 International Races>  Athletes selected 2018>

Get your spouse / children / aunty etc on the water!

Paddle in the Park is back! A weekend on the HPP Lagoon and Rapids for the annual Paddlesport Festival, on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd June.

Paddle in the Park is a weekend of paddling activities for everyone. There will be plenty on offer, from white water workshops and fun competitions to Lagoon Day Passes which allow you to 'have a go' at flat water activities.


Stone Div 3/4 Slalom Rescheduled for May 26 / 27

The Stone Division 3/4 Slalom that was postponed due to the bad weather on 3rd/4th March has now been rescheduled for 26th/27th May. Please spread the word. On-line entries are now available.

What to do if you get promoted

If you have just been promoted from Div 4, everything you need to know is HERE>

If you have been promoted to Prem, Division 1 or Division 2

A bib number in your new division will be issued automatically, and you can use the online entry system at once for races that offer it.

Send to the Bib Officer for your new division:

Your old bib (You don't need to send a cheque or a bib voucher)
A note requesting promotion. List your qualifying points and where you got them
A large, strong SAE with at least 1.26 postage on it - please use a C4 envelope
A copy of the bib application form, filled in

And PLEASE make sure you put enough postage on!

You will only get your promotion certificate after you apply for your bib, so don't wait for it!

Points in your new division will not be credited until you apply for a bib.


2018 C2 World Championships

Falu Vildvattenpark, Sweden

We are a group of persons determined to give C2 a great future. Not only surviving but development, for men and women alike. We will arrange World Championships 2018 in Sweden, in Falun Whitewater Park 13-14th of October for C2 men, C2 women and mixed C2. MORE>

When it's a 50, and when it's not

Wrong Way - "Half Head" - "Split Gate" (C2) - "No Boat"
Capsized in Gate - Pretouch - Prenegotiation - Repeating a Gate



England Slalom Talent Programme

Following the Performance review which took place on 9th April here is the updated England Slalom Talent Programme Squad list.


Pinkston Div 1 23 / 24 Jun

There is an error in the email address shown in the Yearbook for the Pinkston Div 1 race on 23 and 24 June.  If you have emailed the organisers and have not had a response, please resend your email to the correct address

LV Legacy Training Sessions

LV Legacy sessions available to book:

Thu 24 May


Fri 25 May


Thu 31 May


Fri 01 June


Thur 07 June


Fri 08 June


Thur 14 June


Fri 15 June


Thur 21 June


Fri 22 June


Thu 28 June


Fri 29 June


The cost is 12 per session or 65 to access all the sessions within that month. Email for more details about these sessions and to book onto them.

Canoe England Slalom Team 2018

THIS TEAM has been selected to represent England in Canoe Slalom in the 2018 Pan Celtic Cup Events.

Get Reinstated

Used to paddle slalom? Reckon you could still kick .....? Why not get reinstated and race again? Or you'd like to have a shot at another class, or you're just a good paddler who's never got into slalom? Here's a form to make applying for reinstatement/ranking easy.

Minutes of Committee Meetings

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26 Nov
30 Jul
    ACM 25 Nov
20 May
  28 Oct




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