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Non Dingle in the Junior Euros at Krakow - picture © Rob Dingle

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Recent Results
18 Jul Washburn Prem
18 Jul Matlock Div 3/4
19 Jul Washburn Div 2/PCC
19 Jul Washburn Pan Celtic
19 Jul English Championships
19 Jul Inter-Regionals
19 Jul Matlock Div 3/4
25 Jul Bala Mill Div 2/3
26 Jul Bala Mill Div 2/3
August 7-9
World Cup 4 Seu d'Urgell
08 Aug Llandysul Div 2/3
08 Aug Llandysul Div 4
August 14-16
World Cup 5 Pau
08 Aug Hexham Div 4
15 Aug Grandtully Div 2/3
15 Aug Harefield Div 3/4
16 Aug Grandtully Div 2/3
16 Aug Harefield Div 3/4
22 Aug Fairnilee Div 2/3
23 Aug Fairnilee Div 2/3
& Scottish Champs
August 27-30
Junior & U23 Europeans


ACM and Committee Meeting Minutes

ACM minutes and other papers are on the COMMITTEE PAGE>

25 Jul
18 Apr
7 Feb
30 Nov

ACM 29 Nov
9 Nov
7 Sep
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What to do if you get promoted

Don't wait for your promotion certificate - it may take some time, and you'll want to get on with racing in your new division. MORE>



Pinkston whitewater course has 3 pumps and can run with one, two or three pumps working at up to 7 cumecs. MORE>

Lee Valley

For information on Sunday morning open slalom sessions on the Legacy Course contact Lee Valley White Water Centre - 0845 677 0606 or  Glen Pether gpether321@aol.com

Canoe England

SC Meetings

11 Jan 2015

England Talent Programme

Squads for 7 Nov 2014 to 31 Oct 2015 (subject to review after 2015 Junior Selection)

England Pan Celtic Team

England PCC Team 2015>

Portable Points

The 2014 ACM passed the following motion to introduce Portable Points for the 2016 season:

The ranking system will be amended for the 2016 season to reflect the following principles: MORE>

2015 British Open 31 Oct/1 Nov

Having recently returned from holiday I will endeavour to open all the entries I have at some point after the bank holiday weekend. I will then post a very provisional start list.

Div 1 paddle ups will be accepted in the order received if space allows. Paddle ups cannot be confirmed until close of entries in 7 weeks' time and I am sure there will be a lot more entries from Prem athletes and internationals during that time. Please be patient.

The entry fee for the British Open/Premier race is £50. There is no need to send a card, but I do require all the info you would normally put on the card. Entries are not firm until the entry fee is received.

We are looking for volunteers to help with boat control, safety and forerunners, please drop me an email if you can help.

There will be no paddling officials runs, but I will be looking for demo/forerunners.

HPP Prem/Div 1 5/6 September


This event was full by Saturday 22nd August. Entries from premier paddlers received after 22nd have unfortunately not been accepted due to earlier ‘paddle up’ entries which take precedence 2 weeks before the event. I am sorry that I have had to disappoint some paddlers.

Many competitors still do not understand the fee structure for this event. I am still receiving incorrect entries where people have assumed that a double entry fee of £31.00 applies. The fee for a paddle up on Saturday and a Div 1 entry on Sunday is £38.50.

The National Water Sports Centre is introducing a £2 per vehicle parking charge, payable after 9.30 am on weekends, bank holidays and school holidays. This is supposed to apply to casual visitors to HPP, not people involved in competition. Show a race entry card or THIS PHOTOCOPY OF ONE to get free entry.

Ruth McColl

England Talent Programme 2015/15

Canoe Slalom Inclusion Criteria – 2015/2016

The England Talent Programme offers a world-leading talent programme which identifies, nurtures and delivers talented athletes to our World Class Programmes, identifying and developing characteristics required for senior international success.


Water Park race moving to Manvers

Due to continuing problems at the Water Park the 5th/6th September event will move to Manvers Waterfront Boat Club at The Boathouse, Station Road, Wath-Upon-Dearne, Rotherham S63 7DG.

It is about 20 miles from Hatfield Water Park and has a resident canoe club and a lake similar to Hatfield.

We still intend to have a practice day on Saturday and the event on Sunday. Equipment will be available for novices to try out.

Esther Mathews

World Cup 5 - Pau


World Cup 4 - Seu d'Urgell


Olympic Selection

The entry fee for Olympic Selection in October will be £75 for the 3 days of competition. There is no need to send an entry card with the fee, but I do require all the information you would normally put on the card.

English Championships 2015

Yorkshire Slalom Committee apologise unreservedly for the confusion over the results and prizes for the English Championships. We only realised at the end of the event that we did not have time to do the calculations; it took a long time even to get the Pan-Celtic and Inter-Regionals sorted before a midnight prize-giving.

Clearly linking results to English Pan-Celtic results did not work. We will sort the results and prizes asap, and publish the lists on the website, with suggestions as to how people can collect their prizes.

Les Ford

Marple Div 3/4

The Marple Div 3/4 race listed for 29th and 30th August will now take place on 5th and 6th September.

Llandysul Div 1/2 10/11 October

The event is full. Any further entries will be put on a waiting list.

2016 Slalom Calendar


HPP events are currently provisional and subject to clarification with the venue, and there may be further changes if the HPP events change.

Applications to run Div 2, 3 and 4 races next year should be in by 1st July. Entry forms are in the Organiser's Pack or you can email the details to me.

With the change to portable points there will be no multi-division events in 2016. Please give your first choice of division and your second choice of division. Your first choice cannot be guaranteed as it will depend on the outcome of the venue review and on having a suitable event mix.

Applications to run Prem and Div 1 races next year should have been in by 1 June.

Paddling Up

If you are ranked in Division 1, 2 or 3 you can enter races for the next Division up from your own. Take the opportunity to experience bigger water and compare yourself with higher-ranked paddlers! MORE>

But please note: The "host" divisions for any race (Div 1s at a Div 1, Div 1s and Div 2s at a Div 1/2 and so on) have priority over paddle-up entries until two weeks before the race. Until then, the organiser can't confirm that you have a place, however early you got your entry in.

International Panel Statements

International Panel Statement - athletes qualified to participate in the 2016 Senior Team Selection>



Level 4 Coach Programme

British Canoeing are inviting coaches who may be interested in completing the Level 4 Coach Programme starting in May 2016, to get in touch!

The course aims to develop/validate coaching expertise and to develop coaches who would then be in a position to influence the development of the sport going forward. MORE>

Are You a Master?

If you are a Master (over 35), want to be included in the Masters' League (check it!) and are not, please email  with your year of birth.

Applying for your Bib

Make sure you send your bib application to the right person. Don't forget... MORE>

Judging Guide

A reference guide for the more experienced and help for newcomers to judging canoe slalom, whether they are taking the exam or not.


Get Reinstated

Used to paddle slalom? Reckon you could still kick .....? Why not get reinstated and race again? Or you'd like to have a shot at another class, or you're just a good paddler who's never got into slalom, here's a form to make applying for reinstatement/ranking easy. Paddlers from other countries also welcome.

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Last updated 30/08/2015

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