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Slalom Posters

We are happy to publish a miniature on this page, linked to your bigger poster. The miniature will be small. Keep pictures and text big and bold!




2 Mar Shepperton Div 2      9 Mar Llandysul Div 1
  Stone Div 3/4     Llandysul Div 4
3 Mar Shepperton Div 2   10 Mar Llandysul Div 1
  Stone Div 3/4     Llandysul Div 4

All 2019 Results>

New World Class Programme Qualification Policy Published

After a significant review and rewrite in 2018, the World Class Programme Qualification Policy has been further evolved and has now been published. MORE>

Lee Valley to host 2023 ICF World Slalom Championships

British Canoeing has been awarded the 2023 ICF Canoe Slalom World Championships. MORE>

Extreme Slalom / Boater Cross

Currently in planning is a Boater X series across HPP, Cardiff and Lee Valley, with a points system to be able to crown an overall champion. More details as soon as we get the series sorted out!

British team selection will take place at Lee Valley on 11th May. The policy is being developed and will be published shortly. Athletes will be selected for all the Slalom World Cups that hold Extreme Slalom, that is:

World Cup 1 in Lee Valley, in front of a home crowd

World Cup 2 in Bratislava

  World Cup 3 in Markkleeberg

  The Extreme Canoe Slalom World Championships in Prague

More details to follow as they are finalised.

Disputing Payments on your Credit/Debit Account

Please, before disputing payments on your account, double check that it is not a valid slalom payment. Disputes are time consuming for the canoeslalomentries developers and cost money (we get fined). They can take months to resolve at our end even if you realise your error quickly.

Canoe Slalom International Panel Statement –
2019 Selection Policy Publication – Important Update

Exceptional Circumstances:

In the IP statement of 19th December 2018 the IP confirmed that it would be invoking the exceptional circumstances clause in C1M 2020 Olympic Selection regarding an injury to Ryan Westley that required surgery. MORE>

England Pan Celtic Team 2019


All paddlers must submit their own entry in advance to the race organiser.

PLEASE confirm to the Team Manager (Alison Setchell)  asap if you are available to compete. Reserve paddlers – please also confirm if you are willing to race at events so that we have your contact details.

Entry fees will be paid by the Canoe England Slalom Committee unless the race is also being run as a Prem, Div 1, Div 2 etc

England teams for Grandtully will be published asap, so please reply.

Missing Paddle

A paddle belonging to Eirlys Happs was taken from the boat shed in Llandysul yesterday. If you have picked up a paddle with no markings, tapes or ducals, with a fresh gel coat, black in colour, Galasport carbolite model, straight shaft (not cranked) and not split, please let me know or return it asap.

If you see someone with a paddle of this description please contact or ask the paddler if it has come from the shed. I'm sure you all realise that your kit is very personal to you.

Please share.

First Aid Course

Stafford and Stone CC will be hosting a Two Day First Aid Course on Sundays 21 and 28 April 2019. Day one will be based in the clubhouse, day two river- and bank-based.

We have a couple of spaces available. If anyone is interested in attending, please email to get more information and book a place.

Slalom Coach Training Course

Yorkshire Slalom is running a Slalom Coach training course for those working towards the British Canoeing Slalom Coach Award. We currently have 2 places available on this course which will be running on the following dates:

Sat 27th & Sun 28th April (9am – 5pm) at Halifax CC, Sowerby Bridge
Mon 6th May (9am – 5pm) at Holme Pierrepoint

You must have completed the Coach Award Core Training prior to attending the discipline specific training course (or have existing coach training that provides Accredited Prior Learning). You must be able to attend all three dates of this course.

Cost: to be confirmed, but will be in the region of £190-£200 (non-residential). Volunteer coaches who will be developing slalom in their club should be eligible for funding towards the cost of the course.

If you are interested or would like further details please contact .

Kit Missing at Stone

Please could anyone who attended the Stone Div 3/4 on Sunday 3 March check their Kit bags for a Hiko K-Flex C1 Spray Deck which went missing from the ladies changing room while K1W 2nd runs were taking place. We are hoping that someone has picked it up by mistake. If this is the case please contact us on to organise its return. Many Thanks.

Deborah Homer

Race Organisers

The 2019 Organiser's Pack is available now.

Please make sure you use the current year’s version of SimplySlalom. You can now get it from .

Aberfeldy Div 3/4

Due to a very low entry for the double event planned for 16-17th March, this event will be replaced with single race on 12th April.

Calum McDiarmid

Hatfield Div 4/Open Now 25/26 May

Will now be held on 25th and 26th May as the site is not available for the original dates.

So what’s this “Percentile”?

It’s a standardised way of showing where you're ranked in your division. If you're near the top, your percentile will be very low: if you are the lowest-ranked, it’ll be 100. If your percentile is 50, you are halfway up the division. All the paddlers in a division are counted into percentiles, even if they haven’t raced.

Percentiles follow rankings, but are standardised to 100 – so someone halfway down the rankings in Prem C1W has the same percentile as someone halfway down the rankings in Prem K1M, even though there may be a lot more paddlers in K1M.

Start percentile is where you are at the start of the season, or as soon as you're promoted. It more or less ties up with your position based on bib number.

Current percentile is based on current rankings.

What’s it for?

Qualification for some coaching programmes is based on being in the top x% of your division.

Best (lowest) percentile paddlers get priority for paddle-up entries. Using percentiles keeps that fair across the classes.

If you Have a Sponsor...

Or a second club, please email  to get it put on the ranking database. Adding it to your online entry will get it into the results for that race, but it won't get it anywhere more permanent.

2019 Bibs

Apply for your 2019 bib -  here's the BIB APPLICATION FORM>

K1W Prem and Div 1: Sally will be at the HPP and LV Prem races, and at the Tully Div 1 for paddlers to collect bibs if they send her their paperwork prior to the events.

K1M Prem: Tracy will take Prem K1 Men's bibs to the HPP race and the Lee Valley race provided that the paperwork is with her on the Wednesday before each race.

K1M Div 1: Nick will be at the Grandtully Div 1 and will take bibs as long as he gets the paperwork at least a week before the race.

C1M Div 2 and 3: Nigel will be at HPP most Wednesday nights and some weekend camps. You need to let him know you're going, and take along your completed bib application form, your bib voucher and proof of BC / SCA / WCA / CANI membership.

K1W Div 2 and 3: Donna will be at the Matlock Div 2 in her unmissable VW camper van provided you have sent the paperwork and a note to to her by Wed 20 March.

Access to British Canoeing UK Program Water at Lee Valley

The British Canoeing UK Program has morning and afternoon sessions and a Saturday morning some weekends. Some sessions may be restricted. MORE>

Canoe Slalom

2019 Junior, U23 and 2020 Olympic selection policies>

These paddlers are eligible to enter 2019 Senior and U23 Team selection>. Please be aware of the need to register and enter races through the online entry system.

Get Reinstated

Used to paddle slalom? Reckon you could still kick .....? Why not get reinstated and race again? Or you'd like to have a shot at another class, or you're just a good paddler who's never got into slalom? Here's a form to make applying for reinstatement/ranking easy.

Canoe Slalom Reunion

There will be a UK Canoe Slalom Reunion at Lee Valley White Water Centre on 15th June for paddlers, race organisers, coaches, managers etc. (and partners) who have been involved in any aspect of the sport from 1950 to the present day. MORE>

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