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6 Apr Grandtully Prem      12 Apr Aberfeldy Div 3/4
  Marple Div 3/4   13 Apr Grandtully Div 1
7 Apr Grandtully Prem   14 Apr Grandtully Div 1
  Marple Div 3/4      

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Lee Valley Olympic Course Div 1

The Slalom Committee are looking at the feasibility of running a Div 1 on the Lee Valley Olympic Course 29th Feb/1st March next season at a cost of 60 for a weekend double. We would value your feedback - please visit

Grant and Daisy at Marple - picture William McCaig MORE>

GB Selection



Safeguarding Course

S&SCC are hosting a Safeguarding Course on Monday 17 June 6pm to 9pm. We have two spaces available if anyone needs to do this course, Cost 30.

To book please email .

First come first served.

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Missing Paddles

Between early afternoon on Sunday and Tuesday morning last week, two sets of Galasport paddles went missing from the compound at Grandtully. We have two Div 1 paddlers very upset at losing paddles they bought with their own hard earned cash and now unable to compete with their own blades.

If you know anything or have discovered extra paddles in your vehicle / club stock, please return them to the compound at Grandtully. Meanwhile the trust that is essential in sport has been broken and athletes are reminded to keep their paddles in a safe place at all tines.

What to do if you get promoted

A bib number in your new division will be issued automatically, and you can use the online entry system at once for races that offer it.

Send to the Bib Officer for your new division:

Your old bib (you are swapping your old bib for your new one. You don't need to send a cheque or a bib voucher)
A large, strong SAE with at least 1.32 postage on it
A copy of the bib application form, filled in and signed
A copy of your British Canoeing / Canoe Wales / SCA / CANI membership card

And PLEASE make sure you put enough postage on! MORE>

Extreme Slalom / Boater Cross

A Boater X series has been arranged for HPP, Cardiff and Lee Valley. MORE INFO>




Qualification for GB Selection

The following have qualified to compete for selection. MORE>

New World Class Programme Qualification Policy Published

After a significant review and rewrite in 2018, the World Class Programme Qualification Policy has been further evolved and has now been published. MORE>

2019 Selection Policy Publication Exceptional Circumstances:

In the IP statement of 19th December 2018 the IP confirmed that it would be invoking the exceptional circumstances clause in C1M 2020 Olympic Selection regarding an injury to Ryan Westley that required surgery. MORE>

2019 Junior, U23 and 2020 Olympic selection policies>

Lee Valley to host 2023 ICF World Slalom Championships

British Canoeing has been awarded the 2023 ICF Canoe Slalom World Championships. MORE>

England Pan Celtic Team 2019


First Aid Course

Stafford and Stone CC will be hosting a Two Day First Aid Course on Sundays 21 and 28 April. Day one will be based in the clubhouse, day two river- and bank-based.

We have a couple of spaces available. If anyone is interested in attending, please email to get more information and book a place.

Slalom Coach Training Course

Yorkshire Slalom is running a Slalom Coach training course for those working towards the British Canoeing Slalom Coach Award. We currently have 2 places available on this course which will be running on the following dates:

Sat 27th & Sun 28th April at Sowerby Bridge or Mon 6th May at Holme Pierrepoint

If you are interested or would like further details please contact .

If you Have a Sponsor...

Or a second club, please email  to get it put on the ranking database. Adding it to your online entry will get it into the results for that race, but it won't get it anywhere more permanent.

2019 Bibs

Apply for your 2019 bib -  here's the BIB APPLICATION FORM>

Get Reinstated

Used to paddle slalom? Reckon you could still kick .....? Why not get reinstated and race again? Or you'd like to have a shot at another class, or you're just a good paddler who's never got into slalom? Here's a form to make applying for reinstatement/ranking easy.

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