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SimplySlalom 2014

The 2014 version of Simply Slalom is available - contact .

Paddling Up

If you are ranked in Division 1, 2 or 3 you can enter races for the next Division up from your own. Take the opportunity to experience bigger water and compare yourself with higher-ranked paddlers! MORE>

Slalom Videos
by Jed Cooper

2013: Hornbill Cardiff Prem - Tees Barrage - Cardiff World Cup - HPP, with an old-fashioned touch - Junior Selection

Recent Results


ACM and Committee Meeting Minutes

ACM minutes and other papers are on the COMMITTEE PAGE>

16 Mar 2014
4 Jan 2014
24 Nov 2013
ACM 23 Nov 2013
19 Oct 2013
10 Aug 2013
13 Jul 2013
21 Apr 2013


Slalom Minutes are published on the Committee Pages of this web site. If you wish to have your own copy, email or hard copy, please send  your details and you will be added to the list.

England PCC Team 2014

2014 TEAM>

New team members and team members whose contact details have changed, please email mark_shaw@tiscali.co.uk.

Want to Race at an International?

If you want to race at an International competition this year, please fill in THIS FORM and send it to Jim Croft.

Race Entry Cards

Alison Setchell will carry a stock of slalom entry cards to the events she attends - most Div 1s and Prems and some Div 2s. This should make it easier to get cards. Ask her for some!

Postage Rates Increase

From 31st March postage rates for a bib are: large letter £1.24 1st class, £1.17 2nd class.

Boat Storage at Lee Valley

Boat storage is available from £100 per space for 2014 (if paid up front) in secure, covered racks. MORE>

Peak UK Sale

To coincide with the Matlock Div 2/3 slalom event being held on the River Derwent this weekend (April 26th + 27th) the Peak UK Showroom at Darley Dale will be open on Saturday from 1pm to 7pm. There will be a massive sale with discounts off old and new stock, and serious bargains to be had off samples, prototypes and ex team kit etc. We may even provide some refreshment...

We are just up the road from the event: come and say hi! The Peak UK Factory is on Old Road. Darley Dale. DE4 2ER. Close to the put in for the mighty Derwent Canyon!!!

Matlock Div 2/3 26th & 27th April

The event is full and no more entries will be accepted.

Bala Mill Slalom 3rd and 4th May

Due to reduced times of releases of water I am restricting the maximum entry to 130. I will accept postal entries up to 30th April without a late entry fee. No late entries will be accepted on the day of each race. Please don't travel if you have not entered by post.

Ken Cunliffe

Dobbs Weir May 3rd & 4th

Unfortunately this event will not be taking place as further preparation of the site is required.

We will provide further updates if a Div 4 event can be organised at this or an alternative venue later in the season.

HPP Div 1 and and Pan Celtic

Please enter by post for this race, preferably with cards and a cheque to make the organiser’s task as simple as possible. Email entries are not acceptable because unnecessary time is then spent matching cheques with entries.

The entry fee for the Div 1 is £18.50 single or £29.75 double. No late entry fee as no late entries will be accepted.

The entry fee for the English Championships and English Inter Regionals is £10 if you are not doing the Div 1.

The entry fee for the Pan Celtic is £18-50 (Normally paid by the Home Nation) if you are not doing the Div 1.

The running of this Canoe England event is highly reliant on the support of parents and paddlers. The profit that is made is used to support club development projects, support English Development squads and support unfunded athletes competing for Team GB Internationally. If insufficient volunteers come forward to help with rescue and judging, I will be forced to either ask the paddlers to judge or cancel the event.

If you can offer help, please contact dave.royle@talktalk.net

Dave Royle

North West & Cumbria Inter-Regional Team

Team for 11th May 2014>

Organisers' Seminars

10th May at HPP div 1 & Pan Celtic 1 pm outside control

Anyone is welcome to attend. If you are interested please email ma.setchell@ic24.net to give him an idea of numbers. MORE>

GB Selection “best in the world”

In a GB Selection Trials described by GB Canoeing’s Slalom Head Coach Paul Ratcliffe as “the best in the world on the world’s best course” MORE>



England Talent Programme

Canoe Slalom Inclusion Criteria – Summer 2014>

GB Canoeing Inclusion Policies

The Olympic Podium and Podium Potential Programme inclusion criteria are used determine who is offered a place on the programme at the end of the season. MORE>

GB Junior Selection
International panel statement 17th March

The following athletes are put forward for consideration for inclusion in the Junior World Championship Team. MORE>


Interclubs Teeshirt Design Competition

Once again you can have a go at designing the Inter clubs T-shirt this year! If you feel you have good ideas please email your design to Interclub.Tshirt@hotmail.co.uk by the 22nd June!


Short Notice Div 4 Slaloms

Division 4 is the entry level to the slalom ranking list. Division 4 slaloms can be organised at short notice in order to increase the opportunities for people to enter the ranking system. Page 50 of the yearbook contains more information on applying to run these events.

Such slaloms are "short notice", not short course: as with any slalom they can be run over up to 25 gates, but to make it easier to run them  they can be as short as 12 gates, at least 4 of them upstream gates. MORE>

Applying for your 2014 Bib

Make sure you send your bib application to the right person. Tracy, for example, does K1M Prems and ONLY K1M Prems. Don't forget your national association card or a photocopy, £9 deposit (cheques payable to BCU Slalom Committee) or a valid £8 bib voucher, and a large, strong SAE with postage for 150g.

Please make sure you put enough postage on your bib application – it may be a “large letter” under Royal Mail rules. If it is, and large letter postage hasn’t been paid, it is likely to be delayed and you will have to repay the penalty fees before you get your bib.

K1 Women - K1 Men - C1 Men - C1 Women - C2 - Masters

Bib Application Form>

K1M Div 2: Please send bib applications to the new Bib Officer and Ranking Compiler, Les Saunders, 12, The Green, Stourbridge, DY8 5BE.

If you've changed your address...

Tell your Ranking Officer. Canoe England, Canoe Wales, the SCA and CANI don't tell them about changes.

Get Reinstated

Used to paddle slalom? Reckon you could still kick .....? Why not get reinstated and race again? Or you'd like to have a shot at another class, or you're just a good paddler who's never got into slalom, here's a form to make applying for reinstatement/ranking easy. Paddlers from other countries also welcome.

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Last updated 24/04/2014

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