Andrew and William Roden at Stone Mini 1 - picture © Stephen Pearce


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2019 Organiser's Pack

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Shepperton Div 1 - CANCELLED

It is with huge regret that Shepperton Slalom Canoe Club has had to cancel the Division 1 race next weekend, 23rd / 24th February.

This is due to unseasonably mild weather and little rain, which has led to extremely low water levels meaning that the race is no longer viable. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Since there was a significant risk of this happening, it was agreed to postpone charging entry fees until this weekend. If you entered online you will not have been charged for this competition.

The Div 2 will still go ahead as planned.

Shepperton SSCC

Dulverton 3/4 Open 2/3 March

Due to falling water levels and lack of rain forecast on Exmoor, the event at Dulverton is in danger of being cancelled.

Due to the nature of the river there is always a significant risk of this happening. It was agreed to postpone charging entry fees until the Thursday before the event, so if you entered online you will not have been charged for this competition if it is cancelled.

We will look to make a decision after this weekend coming and post here accordingly.

Symonds Yat 2/3 16/17 March

The event base will now be Biblins camp site a short distance downstream from the rapids and the slalom course. We have negotiated a good deal for camping and day parking. Biblins is on the west side of the river and we will base race control, get-in, pre-start and get-out on that bank.

Please use this link to find directions rather than the one in the calendar. The postcode is HR9 6DX.

Hatfield Div 4/Open Now 25/26 May

Will now be held on 25th and 26th May as the site is not available for the original dates.

Stone Minis

13 Jan Stafford & Stone Mini 1      17 Feb Stafford & Stone Mini 3
  Stone Mini 1 by Class     Stone Mini 3 by Class
3 Feb Stafford & Stone Mini 2      
  Stone Mini 2 by Class     Stone Minis Rankings

The 3rd and final race didn’t disappoint. After the gales of the 1st race and the arctic temperatures of race 2, it was good to finally have perfect conditions to fight it out for the top step of the podium and be crowned Mini Slalom Winner 2019.

Race 3 attracted a good turn out of 82 paddlers despite a large number of paddlers training in London. After the girls took the top three positions in race one and the boys in race two we had a mix for race three.

Stafford & Stone and GB Team member Chris Bowers had taken a break from training at Lee Valley, to return home to race. He showed everyone lining the bank for his run just how good you have to be to get a spot on the GB Team, with a very impressive winning clean run and time of 77.1 seconds. Just behind Chris came Isobel Mockett in her C1 taking 2nd place with a handicap corrected time of 79.6 seconds, a really impressive clean run.

Taking 3rd place was the Club’s Olympian Lizzie Neave, also in C1 with a time of 80.5 seconds and clean. In fact the times for the top five places were all so close.

After all the racing in the final round was complete it was just the small task of finding the overall mini slalom winner. The top ten paddlers across the three races had just one more run to be declared Mini Slalom Champion 2019 and lift the Stone Cup. With tired arms they lined up once again and an eventful 10 minutes of racing followed. As the last paddler crossed and the times were checked, it was Isobel Mockett who had clinched first place, followed by Keira Pearce and Lizzie Neave. A really good effort for the three Stafford & Stone paddlers and much deserved, but we should also congratulate the other seven paddlers for their commitment and determination.

Chris Bowers was on hand to give out the prizes and also a mug to all the paddlers who had entered all three races. It is always special for the junior paddlers to get to meet and watch our GB team members back at Stone, inspiring and helping the next generation. Chris also had a question and answer session over the lunch break which proved very popular and got some excellent questions from the younger paddlers.

A massive thank you to Pete Appleton and John Homer for their tireless effort in running the mini series. Course design was by Thomas Mayer, and Jessica Magson was in charge of organising judges. Thanks to all the parents and helpers who set up the course and judged the racing, Steve Pearce for his pictures and finally and most importantly Kay Royle and her amazing catering team for keeping everyone going.

We hope everyone who has joined us over the last three races has enjoyed it - please spread the word for next year! We look forward to welcoming you back to Stone on 2nd & 3rd March for our first Div 3/4 race meet.

England Lee Valley Training – Winter 2018/19

England Canoe Slalom Committee have booked slots on Lee Valley Olympic Course during January, February and March to allow unfunded athletes who have qualified to compete in the Selection Trials 2019 to access Lee Valley for their preparation. The sessions are for English Paddlers who are ranked with UK Canoe Slalom. DETAILS>

Additional availability on the 9th/10th March - view the details attached and apply via the Google form.

So what’s this “Percentile”?

It’s a standardised way of showing where you're ranked in your division. If you're near the top, your percentile will be very low: if you are the lowest-ranked, it’ll be 100. If your percentile is 50, you are halfway up the division. All the paddlers in a division are counted into percentiles, even if they haven’t raced.

Percentiles follow rankings, but are standardised to 100 – so someone halfway down the rankings in Prem C1W has the same percentile as someone halfway down the rankings in Prem K1M, even though there may be a lot more paddlers in K1M.

Start percentile is where you are at the start of the season, or as soon as you're promoted. It more or less ties up with your position based on bib number.

Current percentile is based on current rankings.

What’s it for?

Qualification for some coaching programmes is based on being in the top x% of your division.

Best (lowest) percentile paddlers get priority for paddle-up entries. Using percentiles keeps that fair across the classes.

Update from Llandysul Paddlers

We would like to thank everyone for the support we have received over the last couple of months. We have now got to the stage where we are looking to clean up all the plastic and the debris left by the floods so we can start to prepare for the season!

We were asked by lots of clubs to let them know when we have clean up days planned, so:

March 3rd - Llandysul to Henllan river trip in canoes, kayaks and rafts, cleaning as we go!

March 24th - Henllan to Newcastle Emlyn river trip

Each day will start at Llandysul paddlers at 10am and we will aim to be back and finished by 3pm.

All at Llandysul Paddlers

If you Have a Sponsor...

Or a second club, please email  to get it put on the ranking database. Adding it to your online entry will get it into the results for that race, but it won't get it anywhere more permanent.


Organisers: please make sure you use the current year’s version. You can now get SimplySlalom from .

England Talent Programme:
C1 development days for Athletes and Club Coaches

As part of British Canoeing's strategic plan to achieve a balanced (gender and class) inclusion across all squads within the England Slalom Talent Programme there are a number of training days and camps planned focused around C1 Development.

More camps have now been added over the 2018/19 winter period. The content of the days will be bespoke to the needs and abilities of those individuals who expressed an interest in attending.

The England Slalom Talent Programme truly want to impact C1 development and want to ensure that the learning outcomes from these days are carried into regular sessions. Coaches are highly encouraged to attend with their athletes and there will be a focus on coach development built into the days provision.

More details about this day can be found HERE>

Registration to attend these days can be made through THIS LINK>

2019 Bibs

Apply for your 2019 bib -  here's the BIB APPLICATION FORM>

K1W Prem and Div 1: Sally will be at the HPP and LV Prem races, and at the Tully Div 1 for paddlers to collect bibs if they send her their paperwork prior to the events.

K1M Prem: Tracy will take Prem K1 Men's bibs to the HPP race and the Lee Valley race provided that the paperwork is with her on the Wednesday before each race.

K1M Div 1: Nick will be at the Llandysul and Grandtully Div 1s and will take bibs as long as he gets the paperwork at least a week before each race.

K1M Div 3: Karen will be at Stone 3/4 Saturday 2nd March, Llandysul Div 1 9th/10th March and Plas-y-Brenin 16th/17th March. Please contact her beforehand and bring your paperwork with you.

C1M Div 2 and 3: Nigel will be at HPP most Wednesday nights and some weekend camps. You need to let him know you're going, and take along your completed bib application form, your bib voucher and proof of BC / SCA / WCA / CANI membership.

K1W Div 2 and 3: Donna will be in her unmissable VW camper van at Stone on the 2nd or 3rd March provided you have sent the paperwork and a note to to her by Wed 27 February, and at Matlock on Saturday morning (paperwork by Wed 20 March).

Access to British Canoeing UK Program Water at Lee Valley

In addition to public sessions it is possible to access British Canoeing UK Program water. On most weekdays there are morning and afternoon sessions and a Saturday morning some weekends. Some sessions may be restricted: available spaces are allocated to Podium or Podium Potential athletes, qualifiers for Selection 2019, international athletes ranked in the World top 30 or achieving a top 10 at U23 Championships and Premier Division paddlers, in that order. MORE>

Winter Legacy Training Sessions

The England Slalom Talent Programme will be running dedicated slalom sessions on the Legacy Course at the Lee Valley White Water Centre this Winter. These slots are for the England Slalom Talent Programme Southern RTA group, but other paddlers can book provided they meet the access conditions. Sessions run every Monday and Tuesday from 1900 to 2000.

The cost is £10 per session or £60 per month. For more details and to book email . Payment must be made before the session.

Canoe Slalom

2019 Junior, U23 and 2020 Olympic selection policies>

These paddlers are eligible to enter 2019 Senior and U23 Team selection>. Please be aware of the need to register and enter races through the online entry system.

Canoe Slalom Reunion

The Canoeing Archive Team is pleased to announce a UK Canoe Slalom Reunion, which will take place at Lee Valley White Water Centre on 15th June 2019. This event is for paddlers, race organisers, coaches, managers etc. (and partners) who have been involved in any aspect of the sport from 1950 to the present day. If you wish to register your interest in attending the reunion please follow THIS LINK>

Get Reinstated

Used to paddle slalom? Reckon you could still kick .....? Why not get reinstated and race again? Or you'd like to have a shot at another class, or you're just a good paddler who's never got into slalom? Here's a form to make applying for reinstatement/ranking easy.

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