Organisers won't accept your entry, or give it any priority, until they get your card and your cheque. DON'T email them "to book a place", you are wasting their time and your own.

 Katie McDermott at GB Selection - picture © Malcolm Cook

Email your best slalom action photos to .


15 Apr GB Selection LVWWC      22 Apr Washburn Div 2
  Wark (Hexham) Div 2/3     Llandysul Div 2/3/4
16 Apr GB Selection LVWWC     Alva Div 3/4
  Wark (Hexham) Div 2/3   23 Apr Llandysul Div 2/3/4
17 Apr GB Selection LVWWC     Alva Div 3/4
  Selection Points S, U23      
  Selection Points Jun      

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Superfinal Format at Prem Races

What do you think of the Superfinal format at Prem races? It’s been put to me that, with most paddlers getting their places and points from the second qualification run, the first run is little more than a practice unless you aspire to a place in the final – and most paddlers know they won't make it.

International competitions work this way, but internationals always have semis and finals, and half – or more - of the competitors go through to Semi-finals, so everyone is trying for a Semis place.

Would the format be more satisfactory if non-finalists were placed on their best qualification run?


Pictures and Video from the Tully Div 1/PCC

Jeff Carter attended the 8th April Div 1 race at Grandtully to shoot a feature for Fujifilm on sports photography.

Text, 4-minute video and lots of images>

Senior, U23 & Junior Team 2017

International Panel Statement – 18th April 2017

Following the Canoe Slalom 2017 Junior, U23 and Senior Selection Series held at Lee Valley on 15th – 17th April 2017, these athletes are selected to the 2017 Great Britain Senior, U23 and Junior Teams in Canoe Slalom.

IMPORTANT – All selected athletes are asked to confirm their intention to take up 2017 British Team places by sending email confirmation to by Monday 24th April Midday.

Kimberley Woods at GB Selection - picture © Kim Jones. MORE (SUNDAY)> MORE (MONDAY)>

Brecon Div 4 7th May

The Brecon Division 4 slalom planned for Sunday 7th May has regrettably been cancelled due to an ongoing access issue at the site which we have been unable to resolve in time for the race. Apologies for anyone who was hoping to attend.

Steve Rayner

Rooms available for rent in Meadows area of Nottingham in shared paddler house. New kitchen, comfortable communal areas with TV and wifi. 1 double room £300, 1 single room £240. Bills and council tax included. To arrange viewing contact Martin on 07823889624 (21/4)

Hornbill Cardiff Bay Prem 1 May

This race will now be in Classic format.

Information and paperwork to complete>

What to do if you get promoted

When you start racing in your new division, points will not be credited to you until you apply for a bib.

Send to the Bib Officer for your new division:

Your old bib (you are swapping your old bib for your new one. You don't need to send a cheque or a bib voucher)

A note requesting promotion. List your qualifying points and where you got them

A large, strong SAE with at least £1.20 postage on it - please use a C4 envelope.

A copy of the bib application form, filled in

And PLEASE make sure you put enough postage on!

England Slalom Programme Inclusion Criteria - Winter 2017-2018

Available via this link on the British Canoeing website under the Talent Slalom tab.

Entering On-line at

The following races are now open for on-line entry:

6/7 May Pinkston Div 1, 13/14 May HPP Paul McConkey Prem/1, 3/4 Jun Chapel Falls Div 1, 10/11 Jun Langham Farm Div 3/4, 17/18 Jun Shepperton 3/4, 17/18 Jun Llandysul Div 2/3/4, 8/9 Jul Howsham Weir Div 2/3/4, 5/6 Aug Llandysul Div 2/3/4, 19/20 Aug Tully Div 2, 26/27 Aug Tully Div 1, 2/3 Sep HPP Prem and Div 1, 16/17 Sep LVWWC British Open & Prem, 30 Sep/1 Oct Graveyard Prem, 7/8 Oct Llandysul Div 1, Pan Celtic, Vet and Junior Champs, 21/22 Oct Shepperton Div 2/3, 28/29 Oct HPP Div 1/2

• Transaction fees are 2.2% of the entry fees + 45p per transaction.

• You can put multiple entries in your basket before paying if you are entering a C1 and K1, say, at the same competition. Please put both entries into your basket before paying as this will save you 45p.

• You must be a ranked paddler to enter online. If you do not know your bib number, just start typing your name in the drop down select box. You will not be able to submit an online entry if you do not currently have a 2017 bib number, so if you are promoted or reinstated you need to get your bib application in promptly.

• Immediately after successful entry of your card details, your entry will be added to the list on the competition home page. Later, when payment is taken a few weeks before the competition, you will receive an emailed receipt.

• Paddle-ups can add their entry to the waiting list. You will receive an email requesting online payment if a place becomes available.

• You can also enter as an official online. Paddlers who have entered as officials or on the waiting list can remove their own entry – reselect your class and bib and click the button.

If you have any feedback/questions on the online process then feel free to post on the chatter boards or email .

A Change in the Rules

You get a 50 if you pass through a gate in the wrong direction. But from the start of the 2017 season it is not a penalty if there is a momentary movement in the wrong direction - a wash back, a bounce off a rock or the wind moving the gate back and forward - provided that you are going in the right direction at the start and finish of negotiation.

Know the Rules

A guide to the rules in practice for paddlers and judges.

Have You Got Your Bib?

Please apply properly. YOU WON'T GET YOUR BIB unless you send the bib officer ALL OF:

A completed Bib Application Form - with signature/s!

Your BC, SCA, CW or CANI card or a photocopy

A bib voucher or £9 deposit

A strong C4 SAE with at least £1.20 postage on it

Please send it to the right person - Bib Officers are listed on the BIB APPLICATION FORM>

Minutes of Committee Meetings

2017 17 Mar
22 Jan


27 Nov
ACM 26 Nov
29 Oct
9 Jul
23 Apr


England Pan Celtic Team

England PCC Team S, U23, J18 and J16>
England PCC Team M, J14 and J12>

Get Reinstated

Used to paddle slalom? Reckon you could still kick .....? Why not get reinstated and race again? Or you'd like to have a shot at another class, or you're just a good paddler who's never got into slalom, here's a form to make applying for reinstatement/ranking easy.


Slalom Posters

We are happy to publish a miniature on this page, linked to your bigger poster. The miniature will be small. Keep pictures and text big and bold!


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