Slalom Inspires - Anna-Louise Glendenning and Sally Atkinson at Lee Valley - picture Gillian Denvir


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Daniel Taylor at the British Open - picture Kim Jones.
More on Instagram @kim_jones_photography.

Harry Stanton at Dart Country Park
picture Lorraine Stanton

Zoe Blythe-Shields at HPP
picture William McCaig MORE>

Chloe Holmes at Washburn
picture Tony Dallimore T3 Imaging MORE>

Jacob Mockler at Washburn
picture Tony Dallimore T3 Imaging MORE>

Zack Franklin at the British Open
picture Malcolm Cook

Minutes of Committee Meetings

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30 Mar   2 Feb    
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9 Jun   21 Apr     27 Jan


Saturday 30th November 2019

British Canoeing, National Water Sports Centre, Adbolton Lane, Holme Pierrepont, NOTTINGHAM NG12 2LU

Club Registrations must be completed ASAP
Proxies are available at


Minutes of 2018 ACM

Ranking Lists

C1 Development Days

Dan Goddard is going to run a series of C1 Development Days at the HPP Whitewater Course over the winter. More information (including eligibility) and session details are contained in the poster (click on it for a readable version).

Athletes can sign up to the November and December training dates HERE>.

More about C1:
C1 Canoe Slalom Technique Website

Interested in developing your C1 canoe slalom skills? Take a look at>

Its main aims are:
Provide resources to aid C1 development
Provide discussion on C1 Technique
Develop common language around C1 Technique

British National Champions 2019

Top Prems  

K1 Men

Huw Swetnam

K1 Women

Fiona Pennie

C1 Men

William Coney

C1 Women

Mallory Franklin


Harvey & Thomas Merrifield
Top Prem U23s  

U23 K1M

Christopher Bowers

U23 K1W

Nikita Setchell

U23 C1M

William Coney

U23 C1W

Jada Mustapha-Moore

U23 C2

Harvey & Thomas Merrifield
Top Vets  

Vet K1M

Joel Scott

Vet K1W

Jane Gibson

Vet C1M

Joel Scott

Junior Champions

Top J18s

K1 Men

Etienne Chappell

K1 Women

Lois Leaver

C1 Men

Kurts Adams Rozentals

C1 Women

Jada Mustapha-Moore


Harvey & Thomas Merrifield
Top J16s  

K1M J16

Sam Leaver

K1W J16

Eve Ovington

C1M J16

Luc Royle

C1W J16

Joanna Blythe-Shields

Division 1 Champions

Highest ranking paddler who has been in Div 1
this year usually now a Prem

K1 Men

Cody Brown

K1 Women

Katie Shattock

C1 Men

Sonny Shevill

C1 Women

Catie Thomson
Highest ranking junior newcomer to Div 1 this year

K1M Junior

Gwion Williams

K1W Junior

Arina Kontchakov

C1M Junior

Klass Francisks Rozentals

C1W Junior

Kate Lyndon

Sessions on the Lee Valley Olympic Course

Prem and Div 1 Paddlers

From now until 21st December there are opportunities for you to paddle the Olympic Course at Lee Valley in specific canoe slalom sessions. Gates will be out and you will share the water with international paddlers who are preparing for the Europeans at Lee Valley in 2020. The sessions will be an hour long and the price is 20.00 per session.

If you are interested please contact Siran Cetin to find out what dates and times are available.

Stafford and Stone Canoe Club are Recruiting

Stafford and Stone Canoe Club are looking for a Canoe Slalom Coach to lead our current beginner group. This is for a group of 10 paddlers who have now been canoeing weekly for 6 months.

The coached session is on Thursday and starts at 18:30 to 20:00. We currently pay 2 hours for the session which allows for opening the club in advance and closing afterwards. Contribution to expenses may be possible. There may also be the opportunity for some weekend work with the same group. Need to be self-employed working under a contract for services.

The coach will ideally be qualified as British Canoeing Slalom Coach (under the new scheme) or equivalent.

Please apply to .

Returning Bibs

It's the end of the season and it's time to return your bib. Please send it back to your Bib Officer, with at least 1.32 in postage on the envelope, and enclose a small stamped addressed envelope for your bib voucher.

K1W Div 2 & 3: Donna will be at the ACM on the 30th November if any club reps want to return bibs on behalf of their paddlers.

K1M Prem: Tracy will be at Lee Valley the 9th/10th November weeken.

K1M Div 1 & 2: Nick will take bibs at the ACM.

K1M Div 3: Karen will take bibs at the ACM.

C1M Div 2 and 3: Nigel will be at Shepperton, and at Stone every Tuesday night and HPP most Wednesday evenings. Just find the big blue van or Vet bib 8.

What to do if you got promoted late in the year

If you have been promoted late in the year and won't be racing in your new division until next year, get in touch with the Bib Officer for your new division. He/she will probably ask you to fill in a bib application form and post it (or scan and email it) so they can complete their records.

You should return your bib to your old Bib Officer. And PLEASE make sure you put enough postage on! MORE>


26 Oct Scottish Championships      2 Nov Shepperton Div 2/3/4
27 Oct Dart Country Park Div 2/3     Staffs & Stone Club
Championships and Div 4
      3 Nov Shepperton Div 2/3/4

All 2019 Results>

Pan Celtic Results 2019

Thanks to Les Ford for compiling these results.

Overall Pan Celtic Results 2019

Zak Prince at the British Open - picture Kim Jones. More on Instagram @kim_jones_photography.

Check Your Details

Do the ranking lists have your name, age category, club and any second club or sponsor right? If not, email  to get it fixed, or the version we have will go into the 2020 Yearbook!


2020 Team Selection

Following the completion of the 2019 British Canoeing Premier Canoe Slalom season, this statement announces the final qualifiers for the 2020 U23 & Senior selection races.

International Panel 2020 Tokyo Olympic Team Selection

The British Olympic Association has nominated the following athletes for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games:

K1M: Bradley Forbes-Cryans

K1W: Kimberley Woods

C1M: Adam Burgess

C1W: Mallory Franklin


Joe Clarke, Fiona Pennie, David Florence, Kimberley Woods


World Class Programme Qualification Policy>

2019 Junior, U23 and 2020 Olympic Selection Policies>

Calendar for 2020

You can view the provisional race calendar for next year HERE>. It's very much provisional - don't make bookings around it! Some changes are already in the pipeline.

You have to log in (same login as for CanoeSlalomEntries).

If you have a sponsor...

Or a second club, please email  to get it put on the ranking database. Adding it to your online entry will get it into the results for that race, but it won't get it anywhere more permanent.

Get Reinstated

Used to paddle slalom? Reckon you could still kick .....? Why not get reinstated and race again? Or you'd like to have a shot at another class, or you're just a good paddler who's never got into slalom? Here's a form to make applying for reinstatement/ranking easy.




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