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Slalom Posters

We are happy to publish a miniature on this page, linked to your bigger poster. If the page gets full your poster may go onto a waiting list. The miniature will be small. Keep pictures and text big and bold!



BC Logos

The BCU Logo should not now be used. Please use this one on your posters, etc:

A bigger version is available HERE>

Recent Results
07 Mar Stone Div 3/4
08 Mar Stone Div 3/4
08 Mar Dulverton Div 4/O
14 Mar Lee Valley Prem
14 Mar Matlock Div 2
15 Mar Lee Valley Prem
15 Mar Matlock Div 2
J & U23 Selection Points
21 Mar Grandtully Prem
22 Mar Grandtully Prem
22 Mar Llandysul Div 4


CR Cats - Recruitment of Development Coach

CR Cats will be recruiting a Development Coach in the near future, potentially starting in May. This is early notice ahead of any adverts going out. If you are interested, please contact Johnny Brown or David Campbell at crcatschairman@gmail.com.

This post has been made possible by a Direct Club Investment grant from SportScotland. The grant is for 4 years and thereafter we need to be self-sustaining.

This is a Development Coach role, to bring paddlers into the sport and develop their paddling to Div 1 level, before they choose to enter Performance pathways. The post will require flexible working and will be 15 to 20 hours a week, based in Clackmannanshire (central Scotland).

ACM and Committee Meeting Minutes

ACM minutes and other papers are on the COMMITTEE PAGE>

7 Feb
30 Nov
ACM 29 Nov
9 Nov
7 Sep
29 Jun
16 Mar
back numbers >

Canoe England SC Meetings

11 Jan 2015

England Talent Programme

Squads for 7 Nov 2014 to 31 Oct 2015 (subject to review after 2015 Junior Selection)



Pinkston whitewater course has 3 pumps and can run with one, two or three pumps working at up to 7 cumecs. MORE>

Lee Valley

Sunday morning open slalom sessions on the Legacy Course will continue through March, but an hour earlier at 8-9 am. No session 15th March (Prem/Junior and U23 Selection). Book through Lee Valley White Water Centre - 0845 677 0606.

Any questions contact Glen Pether gpether321@aol.com

International Panel Statement

In accordance with the published 2015 selection policy the International Panel confirms the following information ahead of the 2015 Junior & U23 selection and the Senior selection series: MORE>

Selection Policies

Selection Policy 2015>
Selection Policy 2016>
Qualification process>
Senior Selection Qualifiers>

A Judging Guide

Help for newcomers to judging canoe slalom, whether they are taking the exam or not.


Entry Cards

There is an error in the Yearbook. The contact for entry cards is still Mrs S Paterson, 14 Clay Street, Wymeswold, Loughborough LE12 6TY.

England Pan Celtic Team

England PCC Team 2015>

Shepperton Div 1/2

The start lists have been revised to 1 minute start intervals. Please check them because this means an earlier start.

Both races are fully subscribed.

Live Results

PC (silverlight plug-in required)

Saturday - Sunday

Smartphone / tablet

Saturday - Sunday

HPP Prem/Div 1 5th/6th September

If you have already put in an entry, or intend to, please read this.

2015 UK Senior & U23 Championships
Incorporating 2015 GB Team Selection

Senior Selection - Safety Volunteers Wanted

We need additional volunteers for safety cover for Senior Selection at Lee Valley from 3rd to 5th April. Volunteers will have free entry to the event and can claim expenses. Please .



Live Results

PC (silverlight plug-in required)

Smartphone / tablet

Grandtully Div 1 and Pan Celtic

Sunday is full. There are 29 Div 1 and more paddle ups on the waiting list. Saturday is full but includes all the paddle ups.

Provisional start lists:

Saturday - Sunday

Chris Baillie

Alva Div 3/4 18th & 19th April

The Alva Div 3/4 is a double event, with races on both Saturday and Sunday. This isn't clear in the Yearbook or (previously) on this website.

The Scottish Universities event is on the Sunday only.

Junior & U23 GB Teams 2015

Following the recent selection races, the International panel in
accordance with the published policy are pleased to announce the Great Britain Junior & U23 Teams for 2015 and final list of qualifiers for 2015 senior team selection. MORE>

International Panel Statement – 24th March 2015
Additions to 2015 Junior World & European Championship Team

J & U23 Selection Points

Finally on behalf of the IP a big thank you to all the volunteers for making the event run so smoothly.

On behalf of the International panel

Andy Maddock

Pinkston Div 1/GB Vet and J16 Champs

The Pinkston slalom on 20/21st June is a double Div 1. Any paddler in Div 1 can enter both days.

It is also the GB Vet and J16 and Under Championships that weekend. Any paddler in either of these age groups, in whatever division or class, can enter the Champs.

In order to allow as large a Div 1 entry as possible, the K1M, C1W and C2 Champs will be on Saturday and the K1W and C1M Champs on Sunday. So for example if you are a Prem J14 paddler in K1M but a Div 1 C1M you could race K1 and C1 on Saturday but only C1 on Sunday.

Any problems email chrisbaillie62@gmail.com or ring 07712527276.

Entries are coming in steadily and I recommend you get your entry in before you make accommodation or travel arrangements.

Chris Baillie

Tryweryn Div 1 6th/7th June

The Div 1 event is now full.


Mind Your Manners

If you didn't get your bib at Lee Valley because you didn't send in the paperwork in good time, it's your own fault. The Bib Officers are volunteers. Please treat them with respect.

Interclubs 2015

Interclubs planning for this year is well under way, and Invitation letters have been emailed out to all participating clubs from last year. If you have not received an invitation letter and you think you should have, please email c1.boy@hotmail.co.uk

T-Shirt Design Competition!

It's back again for another year, your chance to get creative. Use a maximum of 3 colours and the chosen design will win a prize supplied by Outdoor Kit 4 U! Email entries to bpaddlers@aol.com or post them to Llandysul Paddlers, Llandysul, Carmarthenshire, SA44 4AA

New Race at Tees

The Tees Prem race is confirmed for the 18th October. MORE>

Canoe Slalom Club Development

Announcing an exciting opportunity to engage in a joint club development project between your club and British Canoeing!

The Canoe Slalom Club Development project aims to support the development of canoe clubs with a specific canoe slalom focus across England and create a world-leading talent programme to find and nurture talented athletes. MORE>

Attention Race Organisers

The 2015 Organisers' Pack is now available. You can pick individual documents or download the whole Pack as a ZIP file. If any Organiser needs the Pack on CD, please contact  (01582 651615).

Tutti Schedules:

Central - Northern - Southern - Wales

New Rules and Regs

Division 3/4 events: no levies to be paid in 2015.

If you run a 2/3/4 or a 2/3, levies are due on all classes, except Div 4.

Selling food at events

The FSA has produced some guidance. If you’re still unsure, contact your local authority. In England, environmental health officers can provide advice to community groups about food quality, hygiene and safety.


From September, all clubs will need to have a member who has been on a safety course for all canoeing activities.

Event Management Safety Workshop (Canoe England)
Event safety in Scotland

Applying for your Bib

Postage rates are increasing from 30th March. Please make sure you put enough postage on your bib application and your bib envelope.


Make sure you send your bib application to the right person. Don't forget your national association card or a photocopy, £9 deposit (cheques payable to BCU Slalom Committee) or a valid £8 bib voucher, and a large, strong SAE with postage for 150g.

Make sure you put enough postage on your bib application – it may be a “large letter” under Royal Mail rules. If it is, and large letter postage hasn’t been paid, it is likely to be delayed and you will have to repay the penalty fees before you get your bib.

Bib Application Form>

Div 1 K1W: Sally will be at the Shepperton and Tully Div 1 races. She will bring your bib if you send her your bib application form, proof of membership and bib voucher beforehand.

Div 1 K1M: Nick will be at the Shepperton and Tully Div 1 races and will bring your bib if you send your bib application form, proof of membership and bib voucher beforehand.

Paddling Up

If you are ranked in Division 1, 2 or 3 you can enter races for the next Division up from your own. Take the opportunity to experience bigger water and compare yourself with higher-ranked paddlers! MORE>

But please note: The "host" divisions for any race (Div 1s at a Div 1, Div 1s and Div 2s at a Div 1/2 and so on) have priority over paddle-up entries until two weeks before the race. Until then, the organiser can't confirm that you have a place, however early you got your entry in.

Are You a Master?

If you are a Master (over 35), want to be included in the Masters' League (check it!) and are not, please email  with your year of birth.

Get Reinstated

Used to paddle slalom? Reckon you could still kick .....? Why not get reinstated and race again? Or you'd like to have a shot at another class, or you're just a good paddler who's never got into slalom, here's a form to make applying for reinstatement/ranking easy. Paddlers from other countries also welcome.

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Last updated 27/03/2015

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