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Saturday 29th November 2014
2014 Slalom AGM Minutes

ACM Invitation

2014 Slalom ACM Agenda

2013 Slalom ACM Minutes

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2014 Ranking Lists

Calendar for 2015

Event Entry Stats: Summary - Race-by-race Detail

Chair's Report

British Canoeing Annual Report

Canoe England Slalom Committee Report

Report on Scottish Canoe Slalom

Canoe Wales Report

Competition Report

Events Report

Strategy Coordinator's Report

Technical co-ordinator's Report

Volunteers Report

Athlete Representative's Report

Slalom Calendar 2015

The draft calendar includes the entries received to date. This has been issued to allow organisers of Div 2/3/4 events to review the calendar and organise their events accordingly.

The existence of an event on the draft calendar does not mean that it has been accepted as an event.

We are still awaiting confirmation from HPP of the available weekends for the P/1 events there. Once we have those dates an updated calendar will be circulated. Ideally the HPP events will be in May/ June/ September.

The deadline for applications for Prem/1 events for 2015 has now passed.

The deadline for applications for Div 2/3/4 events is 1 July 2014. If organisers would like to see a list of the P/1 events applied for to date, please email Michelle Grudzinski. The draft calendar will be published shortly after 18 May 2014

Michelle Grudzinski

Draft Selection Policy for 2015



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